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Pro Golfer

No description

Cooper Webster

on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of Pro Golfer

Pro Golfer
What is one of the most popular golf brands?
Golf was originally from Scotland. Golfers would hit a pebble around sand dunes with a stick. This game was played on the coast of Scotland. It was invented during the 15th century. After 1750 golf evolved into the sport as we know today.
Pro Golfer
How has golf changed over time?
In the 15th century a golfer would hit a pebble wit a stick around sand dunes. After 1618 the feather ball was invented . The feather ball was made from three pieces filled with one top hats worth of fine feathers and sewn together. To make sure the ball didn't fall apart most golfers use wood clubs instead of iron. Early irons were made by blacksmiths until around the 1800s. Around 1850 when the gutty ball was invented. Around the 1900s to 1930s new clubs were made. One club that was invented was the sand wedge. That is how golf has changed over time.
Who invented golf and when was it invented?
Titleist is a very popular golf brand. It is popular because during the first five PGA tour in 2011 allot of Titleist putters,wedges,and irons were used more than any other golf brand. That is why Titleist is a very popular golf brand.
What is the difference in golf clubs and why do you use different clubs every time you hit the ball?
The difference in golf clubs are some are to hit the ball far others are to hit the ball far on the fairway. Some simply just to hit the ball and others to hit a short shot,some to hit balls on the green. Drivers are to hit the ball really far,fairway woods are to hit the ball far on the fairway. Irons just to hit the ball,wedges are for short shots.Finaly putters are to hit the balls on the green into the hole.
Who is the best golfer of all time and how old is he?
Tiger woods is the greatest golfer of time. He hasn't reached Jack Nicklaus's record for the most major victories. Some people believe Tiger Woods can't be called the greatest golfer of all time. Some people believe that because Tiger Woods hasn't yet beat Jack's record. Tiger Woods is also thirty nine years old.
What is the process of making a golf ball?
How a golf ball is made depends on when it was invented. Modern golf balls are made by surrounding a sphere core that is rubber with a hard covering. Then the core is placed in an injection mold. Hot plastic is than injected and forms a hard coating with dimples around the core.
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