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Theosophical Mysticism

No description

Rebecca Merner

on 18 May 2011

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Transcript of Theosophical Mysticism

Theosophical Mysticism Message also known as Natural Abstract Expressionism
Influenced by late 19th century Art Nouveau
Expressionistic outlet for artists to paint natural subjects
Use enhanced & unrealistic colours, strong focus on interpretation of subject matter
Works became more abstract Time Period 20th century Location Canada & The United States Influences Philosophies regarding onement, spirituality, energy
Walt Whitman
geo-psychic energy by: Rebecca Merner Group of Seven Based in Toronto
Officially established in 1920
First Exibition in Gallery of Toronto
Fluctuated number of members
Last exhibition held in 1931
Art now displayed at McMichael Canadian Collection in Kleinburg, Ontario "Jack Pines" 1917 Tom Thomson Frank Carmichael "Mirror Lake" Lawren Harris "Untitled" 1930 A.Y. Jackson "Smart River (Alaska)" 1945 "The Dark Woods Interior" 1921 Frank Johnston Keys to Recognizing this Style Simplified landscapes
Northern Canadian Scenery
Doesn't usually involve people or wildlife Georgia O'Keefe "Red Canna" 1923 "Sounds Assembling" 1928 Bertram Brooker
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