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CO2 Car Project

Designing and Construction your CO2 Car

Ben Moen

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of CO2 Car Project

CO2 Dragster Design/Construction Designing CO2 Car What are the Specs? Aerodynamic Factors Thumbnail Sketches Quick Sketches created for brainstorming ideas

Drawings do not need to show a lot of detail Rough Sketches Choose favorite thumbnail sketch
Draw Top and Side views of your design
Drawings should be proportionate and show details of your design
Full Scale Drawing Create full scale drawing of your CO2 Car
Top and Side views of car should be actual size
Review Specifications to ensure your car will not be disqualified Preparing/Cutting Balsa CO2 Car Blank Trace full-scale drawing onto balsa wood block

Drill Axle holes before cutting on the bandsaw

Cut out the top and side views
Fine Sand/Paint Car Fine sand car to remove scratches and saw marks
Car should be painted. Spray paint or stain/lacquer is recommended Ready...Set...GO!! Race your CO2 Car
Record race times and input the data into Excel templates to determine fastest cars, speed in mph, and the most efficient car. Assemble your Car Install wheels and axles

Place eyebolts on bottom of car and remember to glue around them so they don't fall off during the race.
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