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Josh Egan

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of DENNIS NIlSEN

Dennis Nilsen
-Born November 23rd 1945 in Fraserburgh, Scotland
-As a result of a bad marriage he lived with his Mother and Sister.
-When he was 6, he grandfather passed away, later on Nilsen went on to admit that this lead to his behavioral psychopathology.
-Mother went on too remarry and have 4 children, making Nilsen feel alone and abandoned.
-At the age of 16 he enlisted into the army and became a chef, serving as the butcher.
-He went through police training where he discovered his fascination for morbid bodies and morgs.
-Nielsen was an open homosexual and in 1975, he took up cohabitation with David Gallichan
-This lasted two years and, when Gallichan left, Nilsen's life began a downward spiral into alcohol and loneliness, that culminated in the first murder

A Modern Day Bar
-Victims were students or homeless men whom he picked up in bars
-Nilsen strangled and drowned his victims during the night, waking up with little memory of what he had done
-Would Chop the bodies up and burn them in his backyard, using rubber in the fire to cover up the smell.
-Before being caught for his crimes, he had never had a run in with the police before this.

Criminal Background
A painting Dennis drew of
-Found dead bodies interesting

-Didn't want to be left alone as he felt abandoned from the death of his grandfather.

-Mortified from seeing his grandfathers dead body when he was 6.

-He took an interest in dead things.

-Hated being alone.

Physiological Traits
Nielsen Commited 15 Murders
-Nilsen would always go to a bar and convince a young man to go home with.

-Nilsen would then proceed to have sexual interactions with the man.

-After they fall asleep he would strangle them and then drown them.

-Then he would wash the body and keep it around for a couple of days as "Company".

Method Used To Kill
Types of Victims.
Nilsen always targeted men
-The victims he would target would always be men.

-He had a total of 15 kills, all using the same method.

-Usually would target the younger, vulnerable looking men at the bar.

-Did target one homeless man.
-Nilsen portrayed traits of a disorganized killer
-Lives alone
-Had a secret hiding place
-Live at the crime scene
-Low interest in media attention

-He also displayed some organized traits
-Masculine image
-Controlled emotions during crime

-Nilsen was more of a disorganized killer because of the way he committed the crimes.
Organized or Disorganized killer?
-Nilsen was charged with six counts of murder and two charges of attempted murder. He pleaded “Not Guilty” to all charges, citing diminished responsibility due to mental defect.
-The judge sentenced Dennis Nilsen to life in prison, without eligibility for parole for at least 25 years.
-Between 1978-1972

-15 Victims

-All murdered by strangulation
and drowned.
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