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Book Talk

No description

SaraSway :)

on 29 March 2015

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Transcript of Book Talk

This book is based on a 16 year-old named Tally.In just a few weeks she'll turn 16, and she can't wait because she'll have the operation that will turn her from extremely ugly to stunningly beautiful. In this dystopian reality,in a world of extreme beauty, if you are normal, you are considered ugly and when you turn 16 not matter who you are, you will get an operation done that will make you stunningly attractive: basically plastic surgery. But, if you are younger than 16 (in this reality you are considered ugly, so you are actually called "Uglies". The Uglies live across the river in dorms, and when you turn 16 and you're pretty you get to move across the river to "New Pretty Town", where everything is perfect: no work, no job, only partying and having the best time ever!

Authors Message
Hi! My name is Sarayu, and the book I will be talking to you about for my book talk is 'Uglies' by Scott Westerfeld. The genre of this book is realistic fiction, and the format is a novel, and based on a dystopian concept. This book has a total of 406 pages, and I've read the whole book. So in my presentation today, you will be covering the summary of the book, authors message, text-to-self connection, opinions and judgements, and my recommendation. Although I will be talking to you about these things, my presentation will be a little bit different from my previous book talks, but for sure will entertain you! Hope you enjoy!
So, this book is part of a series. 'Uglies' is the first book then Pretties, after Specials, and finally Extras. This series picks up after each other, so you wouldn't know what would happen if you read the second book first. You have to start off with 'Uglies'!
In The Smoke, Tally discovers the truth, and learns about a whole new side of the pretty world- and it isn't very pretty. She realizes that "Becoming pretty doesn't just change the way you look...it changes the way you think". That being said, the government offers Tally a choice: find her friend and turn her in (Villainous) , or never turn pretty at all (Heroic). Tally's choice will change her world forever...
In my opinion,I think that her never turning pretty at all is the 'Heroic' way because first of all, let's use the 'villainous' way as an example. The reason why Shay has escaped is because she didn't like that idea of turning pretty and such, but the author has displayed the situation in a way to tell readers something, that Shay is trying to escape from the dystopian society because she wants to see a 'utopia' meaning she wants to tell us that it's not just looks that matter. That being said, her never turning pretty is the 'heroic' way in my opinion because if she chooses to bring her friend back, she is breaking the right path that her friend is taking, but if she chooses to stay normal like she is, she is making the right decision and she is helping her friend make the right decision.
I think that her bringing her friend back is the '
' way because first think about this. The reason why her friend left is because she didn't like that dystopian concept of people turning pretty when they are 16 and such. And, I think that's a positive thing because what Shay is doing tells us that she doesn't care about the way she looks, that being said, the author is trying to convey to us that it doesn't really matter about the way you look. So, if Tally is trying to bring Shay back just because she wants to turn into a pretty, that tells us that Tally actually cares about her physical appearance, so Tally s trying to break the Utopian concept that Shay is following which will lead to the villainous way
Text-to-Self Connection
Honestly, I think that the main idea of this book is an important part of being a human/ growing up! So, I will be talking about the 3 main ideas I think that the author wanted to send to us !
First Main Idea:Be happy with who you are
Second Main Idea: It's not looks that matter, its your heart
Third Main Idea: Don't try to impress others by the way you look first, always impress your self and make yourself feel beautiful.
Main Idea: Be Happy with Who you are...
Main Idea: It's not looks that matter, its the heart!

Main Idea:Don't try to impress others by the way you look first, always impress you and make yourself feel beautiful.

I think that one of the main idea's is to be happy with who you are, or the way you look because no matter how hard you try to become yourself again, you will/cannot get it back. What I mean by that is that once you decide to change yourself, and once you do that you are getting even worse, there is no way that you will retrieve your originality back. Outer beauty comes to an end but once you are beautiful in the inside it stays that way. God only gives you your looks because He knows that you are unique in your own way, and you don't need to be like others. For example: In this book, everyone who is 16 get's plastic surgery, and everyone who is normal is considered the 'Uglies'. But why? Well, based on what I've read in this book, it's because they don't like the way people look. You might be thinking right now that everyone in the book get's plastic surgery so related to the way you look it doesn't really matter. But, what about the fact that Tally was very guilty when the government blackmailed her into two choices..either betraying her friend, or staying ugly forever. 'That's what brought me into this main idea. The fact that Tally's situation wasn't biased.
Firstly, I would like to start off with a quotation, "Outer beauty is what the eyes can see, inner beauty can only be seen through the heart."~Mark Twain. By reading this quote, what does it tell you? Well, in my opinion it basically means that outer beauty is something that anyone can see and judge on, but inner beauty is only what your heart can see, and something that not everyone can see/ know about. Following this further, in this book, all everyone cares about is beauty, outer beauty. Once they turn 16, there is no operation for learning to be a leader, or accomplishing skills of a hero. There is only an operation for external beauty, and how you look on the outside. Essentially, my point is that you shouldn't judge anyone by their physical appearance. Judging a person by his or her physical appearance is similar to choosing fruits by the way they look looks. When buying fruits, people often pick beautiful one as their first choice. However, some fruits look pretty on the outside but rotten inside. I mean you don't know how the fruit looks like inside, That is to say, some people have beautiful looks but may not a good heart.
What I mean by that don't try to impress others by the way you look, always impress yourself and make yourself feel beautiful is that worrying about the way you look is going to get you nowhere, and not just that but it's not efficient for you either way, trying to look beautiful will waste a bunch of your time, waste your money, and you are not setting an example for other people younger than you. For example: in this book no matter what happens, Tally always looks forward to her turning into a pretty. In some senses, she is betraying some of the important characters in the book, and the only reason why she is doing that is because she wants to turn herself pretty. She wants to live that Utopian life. But, because of her doing that, she gets into so much trouble. Just by trying to turn you perfect, she faces even more larger problems than she has to. That being said, this brings me back to the main idea. The fact that I have mentioned that you should try to make yourself beautiful is related to this example I have given because Tally was going through so much while she was trying to be 'perfect'. She was playing with her life, and at the end she learned to just be normal, and after all she got no surgery, and no 'utopian' life. So after all that pain, what's the point of doing something in the first place? That's what I mean, make the right decisions and go easy on yourself, but don't try to impress others by taking so much pain!
To find out which side she has chosen, you have to read the book!!!
In this book, I have found 3 connections I can make with the characters and connections we can all generally relate to as well!

We all make choices
Connection- We also live in a world where there are changes.
Connection- We always change in life, nobody stays the same

First Connection
Second Connection
I am currently reading your book Uglies, and I am honestly loving it. One of the main things I loved about the book was Tally's attitude towards life: her ability to handle, to be genuinely happy and make a comedy out of her situation. Tally faced many mixed reactions when she had to choose between betraying her friend, or staying ugly forever: there were lots of supportive people and an equal number of not so supportive people but she never let that stop her. You wrote this book in a way that everyone can relate to. Honestly, this is one of the most intelligent and beautifully written books I have read in a long time; the story will make you laugh and cry. I found this quote that really had a significance to it from your book,"Attitude is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than what people do or say. It is more important than appearance or skill." Because it's true, the thoughts and ideas in your book challenge our attitude of today's society. There is so much focus on body-image and peer pressure in the media, by reading your book, we get a chance to take a step back and re-evaluate your own worries about body image by listening to someone who deals with the most common errors in life. Thank you so much for your ongoing support, and I will you good luck in the future!

I would recommend this book to ages 13 and over because this is a YA book, and also it has some mature content in it such as the vocabulary, and the themes that ages 13 and younger wouldn't understand. But, most importantly I would recommend this book to girls/ boys because like I've mentioned before, the author has conveyed some very important messages to readers by using Tally as an example, and I think that by reading this book, people would be more confident in life about certain things, and they will learn some important parts of being them!
Thank You For Listening to My Presentation!!!
In this book, Tally is arguing for either one side: bring her friend back to the government, or stay ugly forever. Just like Tally, there would be at least one time in your life that you just couldn't fight over one or the other. For example; for my book talk this time, I just couldn't argue with one book or the other, I was reading several other books at the same time, but I just couldn't choose, although this scenario is not that serious, it is similar to what Tally had to do, she couldn't choose. Not just this but choices come in your daily life as well for example: you don't know what to wear sometimes or when you go to a restaurant you can't choose between one type of food or other and etc. But, what I learned from the choices I made in life is that whichever side/ path you choose, it will always end up positive if you think it's positive.
We also live in a world where everything changes
In Tally's world, everyone who turns 16, it's like their live has just begun again. Everything is new to them: less working and more partying. Just like the routine in Tally's reality, even in our world there are some times when there are big changes. Not as serious and big as Tally's but very important. For example: Every step we take in life is a big change for us- Starting a new unit in class that you don't know about, moving to a different grade with people you don't know, and most importantly switching from one part of your life to another, like us when we go to high school, or from kindergarten we just enter to the primary division. Just like in Tally's dystopian world, in our world there are major changes in life that we struggle with when we are experiencing them.
We all make choices
Third Connection
We always change in life, nobody stays the same
Throughout this story, Tally always changes, meaning her ideas and thoughts about who she is or the world around her vary. She doesn't have a set personality: she goes to being trustworthy, unhappy, etc. Just like her even in our life, we change: we have different opinions, judgments, and thoughts each and every day. That might not sound true, but it's true; one time my mom just randomly asked me what you want to when you grow up, and I randomly burst ed out some interesting things I was thinking about like; scientist, lawyer, artist, micro-artist, doctor, teacher etc. Every time my parents asked me that question I said something different each time, so at last my parents told me to think about something that interests me, because not everything would interest me, So after observing these jobs and researching about certain related things, finally I have decided to become a doctor. Just like Tally who changes all the time, I had different opinions all the time too!
Book Talk

By: Sarayu Chityala
And, Tally is looking forward to living that Utopian life, but days before the plastic surgery, Tally's best friend Shay decides to run away to a hidden town called 'the Smoke' and says that she doesn't want to become pretty just because of this plastic surgery. Eventually she runs away, and as soon as Tally is about to get her surgery. But, the government pulls Tally and says that since Tally and Shay are friends, she needs to bring back that community that she is living with in order to become pretty. Tally's plan is to spy on Shay into the Smoke, and bring her back with the rest of the people.
"Outer beauty pleases the EYE. Inner beauty captivates the HEART.”
~Mandy Hale~
This book reminds me of the time when I didn'tlisten to Okay, so that day I was watching a movie and I was like extremely obsessed with this girls hair. And when I look down to mine, it's like 100 times much worse than the movie actress. That day I had to go to the hair salon no matter what! I was begging my mom so much that at the end she still said no. She told me that if I don't go without her, my hair is going to turn into a disaster (which it did).But, I didn't listen to her, I took my grandpa and went to Great Clips, and when I came back home from there, that's it my hair was gone, and my hopes on "looking like a celebrity" were gone. My hair was like up to my ears, while it was below my shoulders before. But, although that was the worst day ever, I was actually proud that I learned a lesson. In this book, Tally also want's to be a pretty meaning she wants to be extremely beautiful no matter what. She can give up her loved ones for her attractiveness (I wouldn't do that.) Just like me who was fighting if I should get a haircut or not, Tally was arguing between if she wants to turn into a pretty or not.
This scenario relates to one of my personal experiences in life. When I was 4 years old, I came to Canada for the first time , and although I was four years old, I was so nervous because I had to go to school here. When I was coming to Canada I was fine, but when I started school here, that's what irritated me because I didn't know how to speak English at all, and that's what I was struggling with from a big change. Just like in Tally's world, where they have to move from a big change when they are 16. Even when I was 4 year old, I was struggling coming from one country to another country that is so different.You might me wondering why I still remember that incident although I was 4. Well, that incident remained so memorable for me because that was the first time in my life that I taught myself a lesson: whatever happens, you will still be successful.And now, every single day, I look back to that experience when I have a problem an tell myself that I can do it because no matter how old you are, you can still achieve a desired thing!
Dear Scott Westerfeld,
Tally, where is your friend?
Where is she?
Ummm...I don't know!
She hs escaped, you need to find her!
What! But I can't.
I have my surgery, what do I do?
What do I do now?
Tally, where is your friend Shay?
Where is she?
Umm..I don't know!
She has escaped! You need to find her.
What! But I can't.
I have my surgery, what do I do now?
OMG! What do I do now!
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