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Easy Steps to use Twitter

This guide will take you through step by step to use the social media modality: Twitter.

Rosanna Marino

on 30 June 2010

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Transcript of Easy Steps to use Twitter

Twitter: the easy guide Here Create an account: www.twitter.com sign up here. enter your:

Full Name
User Name
Email enter your:

Full Name
User Name
Email Write your message, comment, update or fact...And then press TWEET to the bottom right of the box! Find People... Read what other groups or people have to say and follow them on Twitter!
To the top right of the screen there is an option to ‘Find People.’ Enter a name, select the correct person from the list that will appear and click ‘Follow.’ Easy! By putting # in front of a word that could spur topical conversation you can find other people who are interested about the same subject. You do this by clicking on the BLUE word... Tweeting... A search result will come up which can connect you to other Twitter users who have ‘Tweeted’ about the same or similar topic. This is useful in a business sense because similarly minded people can become connected via Twitter, which can only.. ..broaden the horizons of possibilities! Tweet here..! publish Hash Tags:
Providing extra information in the Tweets! Advancing Tweets: ncorpororating others By simply putting an @ sign in front of the user you can include another user in the Tweet! - useful for making references. I Sending direct messages To the left side panel of home page there is an 'Direct Messages' section.

Click this to send a private message. You willl then have the choice to send a direct message to another user. Enjoy Twittering! Using external applications to aid your twitter Using Bit.ly can make putting links into your ‘Twitter’ much easier and simpler. Having long addresses that need to be incorporated into a short twitter message takes up unnecessary space. Bit.ly shortens the URL so there is more room for your Twitter. Simply copy and paste the long URL into the box provided on www.Bit.ly.com and select ‘shorten.’ Then copy the new, smaller URL into your twitter comment. Twit.Pic is an application that integrates status updates with pictures. After logging into your Twitter account on www.twitpic.com you can upload pictures from your computer onto the twitter in a link. If the link to the picture is too big… you can use Bit.ly to shorten it! Once the picture has been uploaded, your status will look like this:It will have a URL link within the comment which users can access. Geo-tagging pictures Twitter applications can be used to find the location of where the photos were taken. This means that you can keep track of where and what people are doing via twitter. Your trips can be recorded and published using this medium of social networking. is the simplest application that uses photos and successfully associates locations with them. press the app button as shown explore all the apps! using twitter on your phone once tweetphoto is uploaded onto your phone the fun with pictures can start! On the home page there is an option to to press a camera on the top right hand side. You can either take a new photo or an existing one in a file. the bottom left side gives you can option to 'USE' press it! Then simply add a message or TAG someone in the post. and press send It will appear on Twitter like this
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