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my island

No description

noor nasri

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of my island

Welcome to Nouaris Island Currency The money used on my island is
Nouarasezz (z). The languages spoken on my island are: Noorasis, Bardinese, Arabic, English. My hotel name is
Kids under 7 years are free.
Stay on the island 4 days get
one free.
Stay 8 days on the island
get everything free
for 1 day. RESTAURANTS:
TIM Horton

Noor Are Us,
Bardin R Uuuus,
Nour Is Us,
Dollarama, My island location is
in the middle of
the Pacific Ocean, there is a red x under it.
My island's size is
700 square km. The climate
is between
20 to 35 C. It
never rains and it may snow two times in the winter. 2 gyms
999 rooms
one swiming pools
park Cost/Person/Night:
8 to 30 years cost 160z.
31 to 60 years cost 155z.
61 or more years cost 180z. The island star rating
is 5+. Sunny, Blue, Beaches. Cost Locatoin Languages Promotion Climate Star rating What is inside my hotel Hotel Facilities
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