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How to Convince your Parents to let you go to the Dance.

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Pat Mallory

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of How to Convince your Parents to let you go to the Dance.

How to Convince your Parents to let you go to the Dance.
By Allie Snyder, Sophie Brady, and Delanie Dymarkowski

1.Clean your room.
2.Tell your mom she looks pretty.
3.Get them chocolate.
4.Tell them you love them.
5.Play with a little sibling so they can have some time to themselves.
6. Make sure they are in a good mood.
7. Ask

Do chores without being asked.
Be kind to siblings.
Sweet talk them.
Get them chocolate.
Doesn't work
Fighting with siblings.
Say no when they ask you to do something.
Giving them a hard time.

We think that if you do what we said works you will get a yes.
I want to go to the St. Ursula dance but i need my parents permission. what is the best way to accomplish this task?
Data and Observations
I cleaned my room and my mom said thank you.
I told my mom she looked pretty and she smiled.
My mom didn't want the chocolate because she is trying to watch her figure.
I told my parents I loved them and they said it back.
I played with my siblings so they will be able to relax and go in their happy place.
I made sure they were in a good mood and I asked them nicely. When they said yes I hugged them and walked away before they could change their mind.
We were able to go to the dance it was a success. Our hypothesis was correct.
Follow up
I would do everything the same but next time not give her chocolate
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