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Crime Scene

No description

Chloe Corbin

on 21 September 2015

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Transcript of Crime Scene

Crime Scene

Who are the victims?
-A 2 year old white and brindle female dog named Girlie
Where did the incidents occur?
-Walm Lane, Cricklewood, London
What happened to them, what were they doing, where, when?
-She was found with scald from hot liquid being poured on her skin, lethargic on a blanket, in the defendant’s home, on August 17, 2015

Crime scene cont....
Why did they do what they did?
-No reason for wrong doing was stated
What rights have been violated?
-The right to live a safe and healthy life was violated. Her rights of being a companion animal and having proper care were violated as well

Action Plan
-Background check on people looking to adopt to see if they have past animal cruelty violations
-Require that all animals adopted have insurance or registered with a veterinarian
×Provide animal care and education classes for properly caring for the animal being adopted and what to do in health situations

Action plan cont....
-Owners can be educated about how important it is to properly care for companions
-Educate owner on animal cruelty and the consequences so it can be prevented
-Education on what to do in certain health situations so they are prepared

-RSPC: They are an animal welfare association.
-They take care of cruelty cases, treat the animals, and find them new homes. They also educate people in animal cruelty.
-They got involved because it was a bad case of animal cruelty and the dog needed to be treated before she had no chance of living.

Crime scene cont..
Why were they able to be victimized in this way?
-She was experiencing animal cruelty by the owner
Who is guilty or accused?
-The owner
Were the perpetrators accused of breaking the law? If so, what law? If not, why not?
-Yes, he broke the animal cruelty law. He was unnecessarily conducting animal cruelty by physically and emotionally harming the animal

Animal Cruelty.
Chloe,Mikayla & Delia :)


Who are the victims?
- Three-month old colt named Murphy
Where did the incident occur?
-Staggering on the road
What happened to them?
-Possibly a hit and run, they found him staggering on the road

Crime Scene cont....
Why were they able to victimize in this way?
-Because of the colt walking through the street with possibly his mother
Who is guilty or accused?
- Someone that possibly have hurt or ran over the colt
Are they guilty of breaking a law?
-Possibly not, because if you cannot safely swerve away from the animal you can just run them over. But there may be someone that burned him and that is illegal because of the animal cruelty laws

Why did they do what they did?
- Because that was the only option or because they like to inflict pain on animals or other living things
What rights have they violated?
-They have violated the animals’ rights and their wellbeing

Action Plan
Try to talk to people about how they cannot run over animals the safest way possible
Try to find the person that may have inflicted the burns on the animal
Try to talk to people about how it is bad to inflict pain on animals that have done no wrong
Because many people actually enjoy inflicting pain on animals
Some is amusement to inflict the pain
The animals can feel all of the things done to them and will have to endure them until they die

Witness Report
-They are an organization that tries to ensure the wellbeing of animals and that they are protected by harm that is not needed
-Because this animal needs to find their mother and also its owner to try to return to their normal life.
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