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If The World Were A Village

No description

Laura Butler

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of If The World Were A Village

Budapest San Francisco 8 people would be from South America 5 people would be from Canada and the United States 61 people would be from Asia 13 people would be from Africa 12 people would be from Europe 1 person from Oceania If The World Were a Village The world has a population of over 6 billion people. But what if the world was a village of 100 people? Where would the people come from? Over 6000 languages are spoken in the world. What languages do most of the
people speak? 22 speak Chinese
9 speak English
8 speak Hindi
7 speak Spanish
4 speak Arabic
4 speak Bengali
3 speak Portuguese
3 speak Russian 60 people are always hungry.
16 people go to bed hungry sometimes.
Only 24 people have enough to eat. 75 people have access to clean water. 25 people do not.

68 people breathe clean air while 32 breathe air that is polluted. Out of 38 school-aged villagers only 31 attend school. More boys go to school than girls. What do people eat? Is there enough clean air and water for everyone? Who goes to school? What things do people have? The richest 20 people would have $9000 a year. 76 people have electricity.
24 people do not. How many people in the village have electricity? What would you do differently
if the world was a village? Hanukah 1 Jewish person would celebrate Hanukah for 8 days by lighting a menorah, giving gifts, saying prayers and eating food. Christmas 32 people would celebrate Christmas. They would celebrate the birth of Jesus by going to church, putting up a tree, giving presents, and eating food. Chinese New Year 21 people will celebrate Chinese New Year by giving gifts and eating a meal with family and friends. Eid 19 Muslims would celebrate Eid by giving a sacrifice, saying prayers, and sharing a meal with family and friends. Diwali Diwali is the festival of lights. It is celebrated by lighting candles, going to temple, saying prayers, and eating food. The poorest 20 would have less than $1. There would be enough money for everyone if it was divided evenly, but it isn't... Would you share your food? Would there be less guns? Would you share your technology? Would you share your toys? Would you make sure everyone had a place to live? What would the people in the village celebrate? No matter what you celebrate, let's remember to live like the world is a village this holiday season!
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