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The Chrysalids Plot Diagram

No description

Lucas Trump

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of The Chrysalids Plot Diagram

The telepaths go on the run from Waknuk people, wth the Sealand people acting somewhat as guides, through Petra. Rosalind, David, and Petra escape to the fringes, where they are taken captive by those who live there. In the fringes camp. In the camp, they meet Sophie, David's old friend. She helps them escape by assassinating a Fringes man, and leads them to caves, where they hide.
David, Rosalind, and Petra get on the helicopter to go back to Zealand with the woman.Two of the other telepaths were captured by Waknuk people and tortured for information, and their fat eis not disclosed. Michael goes in search of Rachel, to take her to Zealand, where the woman says he will be welcome, to start a new and better life.
The climax of the book occus when the Waknuk people attack the location of the three telepaths, who are defended by people from the fringes. David's father is killed in the conflict, as is Sophie. Then, the Sealand people arrive in a helicopter, and use a new type of weapon to kill all Fringes and Waknuk people. They had said they were coming, but no one thought it possible. Then the protagonists are saved from the weapon by the Sealand people, and all is explained.
It is also discovered that Petra has incredible telepathic powers, far greater than any of the others. She can also communicate with people very far away whom no one else can hear. She says the are from "Sealand".
Rising Action pt 1:
David keeps the secret of Sophie, but realizes that he himself is not normal, as he can communicate with others over long distances without speaking. He confides this to his Uncle Axel, his most trusted friend, who tells not to let anyone else know and to be secretive about his power. The next major event in the rising action occurs when a boy named Alan appraoches Sophie and David when they have been playing in a river, and notices Sophie's six-toed print. Sophie hits him with a rock, knocking him unconscious. they go to Sophie;s parents, who take her and leave the district for fear of Sophie's safety.
We are introduced to the main character in the novel, David Strorm, who narrates the story. He tells us that he dreams of cities, which do not exist in his world. The reader soon makes the deduction that there has been a nuclear holocaust, and that humanity is rebuilding, and is at a stage we would consider frontier times
The Chrysalids Plot Diagram
By Lucas Trump

David tells us how he went out on his own one day as he often did, when he is confronted by a young girl who wants to use his slide. Her name is Sophie, and at first, there is nothing unusual about her. However, while they are playing, Sophie's foot becomes stuck in between 2 rocks. She protests against David's offers of help, and will not remove her shoe, which is keeping her stuck. eventually the shoe is removed and it is discovered that she has six toes. since they live in a radioactive world, mutations ar shunned and the mutants are banished, as the common religon prohibits it.
Initial Incident:
After a pause in the book's action, David's sister Petra is born. She is declared normal by the inspector, and all seems to be well. However, soon after, his Aunt Hariet visits the house, a rare occurence. David watches as his mother talks to Harriet in the doorway and hears Harriet ask for help and show his mother a baby. It seems that the baby is a mutant, as proclaimed by his father. Harriet is sen out and is found dead soon after, without her baby. David suspects his father of these acts. Soon after there are several unfortunate events including one of the telepaths commiting suicide, and a man taking note of how fast they responded to someone in a desolate location with no cry for help. These events lead to the climax.
Rising Action pt 2:
The woman from Sealand explains where she is from, a place we know as New Zealand, and why they came. She explains that they have formed a society where everyone communicates with thoughts, and it is not shunned. They came for Petra, she explains, as she is the most poweful telepath they have seen, and they want to train her.They welcome the others to their society as well, and offer to take them back.
Falling Action
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