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Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut

No description

Nina Simplot

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut

Gender Equality
Although over the years women have gained independence and rights but there are still dilemmas.
Work Cited
Marriage Equality
A short story that takes place in the year 2081 where everyone is equal. No one is better nor worse due to the handicaps they wear.
Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut
Harrison Bergeron
- Society will always be striving for equality because people cannot agree about how to make everybody equal. Giving advantages to some and disadvantages to others can result in reverse discrimination.
Racial Equality
Discrimination against women include:
gender based violence
reproductive inequities
economic discrimination
On Friday Arkansas argued about gay marriage and how there was "no rational reason" for denying same-sex couples and their right to marry.
Even now the United states citizens are still fighting for marriage rights.
The same sex-marriage advocates state "This is an unconstitutional attempt to narrow the definition and exclusion of a minority for no rational reason is a dangerous precedent."
Judge did not stay ruling so couples are eligible to obtain marriage in many counties
Many universities have adopted programs to give minorities access to higher education. These are called quotas; a certain percentage of the student body must be minorities. Many argue that this is reverse discrimination.
The supreme court recently ruled that it is still necessary and just "to consider race in admission decisions under certain conditions."
In conclusion
No one can agree on how to make us all equal. Even trying to make everyone equal results in inequality because some people have to be given advantages while others have to have advantages taken away. Total equality is not only unachievable, it is unfair.
Brekhus, Keith. "Marriage equality come to Arkansas..Yes, Arkansas." Politicususa: Real Liberal Politics. n.p. May 9 2014. May 11 2014. www.urbanfaith.com/2014/05/conservative-supreme-court-justices-affirmative-action-case-also-attempts-to-alter-the-equal-protection-clause.html/
Ghatt, Jeneba. "Conservative Supreme Court Justices Affirmative Action Case Also Attempts to Alter the Equal Protection Clause." Urban Faith. May 8, 2014. May 11, 2014. www.politicususa.com/20014/05/09/marriage-equality-Arkansas-yes-Arkansas.html
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