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Aleksi Piltonen

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Globalization

Globalization ...and how it affects to us and our culture. What is globalization? The term globalization is used in many ways. Gobalization can be defined for example: "Globalization describes a process by which regional economies, societies and cultures have become integrated a globe-spanning network of communication and trade" (wikipedia) So globalization means that world is going to be smaller and smaller. Distances are going to get shorter and shorter by improvement of information technology and other technology's improvement. What is culture? Culture is also very a big term and it is used to describe many things. Culture normally means a community's or the whole humanity's achievements of hand-made and mentally things. For example art is culture. When you draw something you think. You have Image of something and you want to show your minds to world so you want to make hand-made things from your mentally world. Culture is everywhere. Every communitys, groups and gangs have their own culture. This culture means these communities products of mentally work. If we want to take a look from the sociological perspective culture can be defined that it is system of the separating and we categorize our environment, we give critic from ourself and others and we build our identity. However, culture has many of definitions. There is so much examples of culture. However, for example every country has their own culture and even every single village has their own small culture... But how does globalization affects to culture? What is the connection between them and how it affects to communities life? how it changes our world? What is my culture? So how about me? What is actually my culture? What makes my culture that what it is? I'm from Finland. Finland is very nice country and many people says that finland is one of the most beautful countries in the world. My home country affects to my culture the most because the most of my own culture's features includes something about finland and of course because I have grown up in there. However, globalization has affected to my culture a lot. For eaxmple, Young people's fashion is not from finland. Fashion comes basically from USA and the fashion has spread all over the world and it has replaced other countries fashion. This phenomenon is called cultural dilution. Today many of very big global companies make a fashion products. These companies are called TNC's (Transnational Corporations). Today, globalization is one of the biggest questions in the world. It has changed world a lot at last 10 years. Globalization has given a lot of opportunitys to us but at the same time it has canged the world negatively. One part of my personal culture is today from singapore also. I have lived in singapore couple months and I have had to get used to Singapore's culture. Here is very tight laws and here Ihave to respect laws more than in finland. Drugs are absolutely forbidden and you get death penalty if you have or use them. I'm also studying in international school and there is also own culture. Here is students form all over the world and this has became one part of my culture. My hobbies are also one part of my culture. I play many sports and I'm also really interested in music. So what is the point of this? Globalization affects our culture a lot and it changes us and our attitudes but... ...How does globalization affect to our culture? Everyday we face things that is happened by globalization. In the following chapters I will tell you 5 examples how globalizations affects to the culture and what things we face... So what globalization means for me? My opinion is that globalization is opportunity. Globalization connects people together and we can learn things from each other and if we want to create well working society we have to learn understand each other. However, we can't replace other people's culture but we can share our own and make this society working better. How does globalization affect to languages? Nowadays we have to talk a lot with people who has other language than our mother tongue. At these situations we have to use our second language english. There are over 7000 languages spoken on the earth and every 14 days one small language disappears. This means that in 2100 over than half of these languages have already dead. This is a very big global problem... Why do languages disappear? There are thousands of little communities that have own languages. Language is the factor which describes communities culture. These people know their environment and they can describe it in their own language but when the language dies, the knowledge dies... and we may never can find out information that only they knew. If the community is very small, there are so small group of people who speak and understand the language. These people's children have to learn how to speak the dominant language in order to they are able to speak to other communities people also. These children forget their community's own language and this way the language disappears. This is one part of cultural dilution. So language can disappear this way that the language doesn't move to the next generation and this happens because there is no written mode of the language. This happens very easily especially in the areas where are spoken many languages. Globalization is a problem for little languages and it is also many languages destiny. Globalization can be also good thing for some languages for example for the little languages which are spoken in the isolated areas. With globalization we can help these cultures to come up ! every single language makes their own culture! How does technology affect to globalization? The technology has developed so much in 10 years. Nowadays you can be connected to your friend to the other side of the world. Nowadays you don't have to go to the library to search information you can just go to the Internet and search the topic from Google. Technology helps our everyday life all the time. The Internet is the most important factor of the globalizaton. With Internet we has connected to each other. Internet has made in 1960 in USA and at the 1990s it marketized and it moved to operators. With the Internet we can share our cultures with all people around the world and we can share our ideas and innovations with others. Mobile phones are also very big phenomenon today. Everyone has a mobile phone, even 7-year-old children. Telecommunication has also increased so much in last 10 years. The world's first mobile phone call was called in finland by Harri Holkeri. Nowadays telecommunication has spread all over the world and with mobile phone you can call or send messages to anyone. nationalgeographic.com/mission/enduringvoices
http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2294/2966959809_440baa4a25.jpg references: References: http://ocw.osaka-u.ac.jp/contents/28/info_ethics.jpg

How does globalization change economy? Economy and world trade has increased by globalization. World Trade Organization's (WTO) is the organization which has established to watch that companies and countries obey the rules of the world trade. Today there are so much companies which have spread all over the world and they have businesses everywhere. These companies are called Transnational corporations. They are corporations that manage production or deliver services in many countries. For example they design their products in USA and their production is in China. Nokia and Apple are very good exaples of this. Companies move their production to developing countries (LEDC) where the labour force is very cheap. Managing and selling of the products are in the developed countries (MEDC) where is very well educated people who got knowledge and skills to working with them. TNC's have usually the biggest part of the market share. There is very tight competition between TNC's. Little companies simply can't compete with big TNC's because they have a very big business and they can keep their product's prices very low but these local little companies can't and they have to stop doing their business so they close their doors. For example Walmart which is USA's the biggest market company. This company has spread all over the USA even to small villages and then many of local little shops have to close their doors because they loose their customers... After this customers don't have so much variety anymore because there is just this big market where is this same products and they have to go far away if they want something special. Globalization has changed economy critically. Today we have more opportunitys to succeed at the business world but it requires more competition and you have to be faster to make innovations than others and keep them away from others. For example Apple has made really high thechnology such as iphone's multi touch screen and apple has the patent of it. At the same time other's have to use same technology and pay for them that they can use it. This is one example how good business can work. references: http://www.lepus.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/Wall-Street.JPG

How does globalization affect to fashion? With globalization the fashion is also changed. There are hundred thousands of cultures in the world, even millions. The Internet is very good tool to share communities fashion with other cultures. With globalization fashions spread everywhere and we can learn interesting facts and opinions from other cultures. TNC's are fashion makers. They have their methods how they can create fashion. If they want to make good business they have to listen customers. TNC have their own method for this: They use teenager people and they pay for them that these teenagers share their ideas with these corporations and then corporation will design products which are based on these ideas and they will make millions of dollars with them. What do these teenagers get? Much less than these corporations. This method is called teenager demographic. Today in the fashion it's very important to create a "cool" picture of the product. Corporations have to make image of these products that people want to buy them. This is called branding. If a corporation got a very good brand they can icrease the prices and people still keep buying the products. Corporations use this demographic to find out what people really want. Globalization has made it easier because here is this cultural dilution so people are nowaday interested in the same fashions. references: So if TNC's make fashion they have to be responsible of the products and that they are appropriate, TNC's have to be social responsible. They make products for society and they want to give clean and cool image of theirselves. However, TNC's use many times many bad methods to create fashion like using sex and violence so do they really have social resbonsibility today? http://noids.files.wordpress.com/2009/07/hugo-by-hugo-boss-fw09-01.jpg
Own knowledge How does globalization affect to my own culture? Like I told about my culture, Finland has got a lot of influence from western cultures. I have learned a lot from other cultures because I have travelled to many countries and I have seen a lot so travelling and the Internet has improved my knowledge of world a lot. I have learned to eat many foods in my life. I'm living far away from home at the moment and here in Singapore I can't eat finnish food. I also learned to eat every food in finland because most of food in finland has made in other european country and they are transported to finland. However, food culture was so different than in Singapore but I have globalized. TNC groups have affected negatively to food culture. Nowadays there are too much fast food restaurants which have always these same foods. McDonalds is one of the examples of these corporations and It has spread everywhere. I have eaten many times in McDonals and there is really good food but it is going to distroy the local culture so nowadays I don't eat so much there anymore. My language skills are also increased. I have to use my english everyday at school, at a market, even at home when I'm chating with my friends at the computer. I go international school which is very good symbol of globalization because here is people from everywhere and of course I have to use english there also. So my culture if formed from many thing and from other countries. Globalization has been good thing for my culture because today I can understand more other cultures and I can use them, find interesting habits and things from it. So globalization has connected us toghether many ways. TNC groups sells their products and we all buy their products all over the world. I can buy a hambuger in the finland and at the same time some guy can buy it in USA and it tastes and looks exactly same, it is the same product. Telecommunication and the Internet connect us together also. We can talk to everyone, anytime and everywhere in the world. I can call to my friend to Australia from finland and we can talk in real time. Today we use a lot same clothes and our cultures has mixed up. Fashion connects us. TNC's has made a global fashion and at the ame time it mixes up other cultures. One part of cultures disappears and it is replaced by a global culture of clothes. These are examples how globalization connect people and this phenomenon is called interconnectedness. Created by: Aleksi Piltonen G10
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