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Alternative Money Making Methods

Learning how to side-hustle to make some extra cash By Anna Ma

Anna Ma

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Alternative Money Making Methods

Learning how to side-hustle to make some extra cash

By Anna Ma

Alternative Money-Making Methods
- Set up a Google Voice account so you can easily block people from calling/texting you, and it makes it harder to trace you
- Be careful about the information you give out – sometimes the sugar daddy may want to check out your background info as well, but please do not do anything you are not comfortable with
- If you have an out-of-town sugar daddy, and they fly you out, you will have to give them your real name, for gov’t reasons (selection of sugar daddies is better outside of Portland – Seattle would be closest place with potential) – do this after background checking
Being a Sugar Baby (continued)
- Meet in a public place first, and be careful about posting full face pictures, because there are picture collectors, and sugardaddy4me.com uses members’ profile pictures for their Facebook, so be careful what you post – send pictures with your face through email, where it would be private
- Have at least 8-10 pictures of yourself for each website you sign up for, and don’t have the same pics for each one. Same goes for your profile, change it up a little for each website in case sugar daddies try to reverse image search you (you should Google reverse image search them to make sure they are not lying about their identity or using a stock photo)
Being a Sugar Baby (continued)
- Probable tasks: depends on the type of study you participate in, try to avoid the ones that make you take experimental medicine, it might fuck you up
- Skills required: allowing people to experiment on/test you in weird ways
- Where to go: Portland VA Hospital, OHSU, National College of Natural Medicine, research universities, etc.
- How much you make: varies based on the study but usually at least $15-20+ per visit, more depending where you go and what you do – psych studies usually pay the most (EEGs, sleep, etc.)
Participating in Medical/Research Studies
- Probable tasks: you know what (jacking off)
- Skills required: probably cannot be a felon, must be healthy, have extensive medical and background checks, highly educated
- Where to go: fertilityoregon.com (may be full), back pages of newspapers, Craigslist
- How much you get paid: $100-200 a week because you can donate up to 2X a week, $100/visit
- Con (or pro): you might have a kid, or multiple ones, that might want to find you later in life
- Might be able to get more money if your sperm are in high demand
Selling Sperm
- Probable tasks: being pregnant, going to the OB/GYN a lot, taking prenatal vitamins, taking care of yourself
- Skills required: must have a uterus, must be able to abstain from drinking/smoking/drugs, cannot be a felon, extensive medical/background checks
- Where to go: nwsurrogacycenter.com, conceiveabilities.com
- Con: you get all the pregnancy without the baby
- How much you make: a LOT (5-figures usually, $10-20K easily) because you are taking care of someone else’s baby for 9 months
- For this, you will have to be young and healthy – no one wants a dirty old oven
Renting out your Womb (Being a Surrogate)
- Probable tasks: going to a concerts, movies, museums, dance classes, and other activities that are probably more fun when you are with another person
- Skills required: tolerating/talking to a person who hired you to be their friend for the time they rented you, or an event – must be able to be personable and a good listener and talker
- Where to go: rentafriend.com
- How much do you make: between $20 and $50 an hour
- Safety tips: meet first in a public place, and do not get into their car unless you know them (in which case they probably wouldn’t need to hire you in the first place)
Rent Yourself
- Probable tasks: keeping your car tidy enough for someone else to rent it, useful for those people who don’t use their car a lot
Skills required: having a car, trusting a stranger with it
- Where to go: Relayrides.com, Getaround.com
- You can decide the hourly rate and accept the rental requests that work within your schedule - the site also covers the insurance in case of any accident that occurs
- Cons: Either site takes 40% of your rental fee, however renting a car this way is cheaper than using car2go
- How much you make: each site claims you can make up to $600/month, but prob not so much in Portland (since biking, walking, and public transportation make it easy to get around the city)
Rent Out Your Car
- Probable Tasks: running errands, cleaning things, other personal assistant-type tasks
- Skills required: must fill out an application, complete a video interview, and pass a background check (none of costs anything) – probably cannot be a felon
- Where to go: Taskrabbit.com, Zaarly.com, Gigwalk (iPhone app)
- How much you can make: they claim you can make up to $5000/month, but probably closer to $100-500 depending on how many tasks you pick up (and the amount of time you have free to do them)
Rent Out Your Time
- Probable Tasks: depends on if online or in real life, but both require you to usually humiliate your slaves in degrading ways (and is consensual, since they will do anything to please their dom/domme) – check out BDSM 201 for more information (not affiliated)
- Like with sugar daddies, please be careful of meeting people you met online
- How much you make: depends on what you do/your rates
Where to go: fetlife.com, collarme.com, etc.
- Financial domination: niche within being a pro-dom/domme, gain control of people through their finances (consensually) and take their money with their permission, and usually pleasure
- Warnings: there are ALWAYS scammers, the men who want to only have sex with you but are not actually sugar daddies, or men who believe a sugar baby is an “amateur” escort and expect you to act likewise
- Do your research first before doing this because it is a complicated world with a lot of ulterior motives and money involved – the “sugar baby” tag on tumblr is very informative, and so are sugar baby tumblrs
- Set up separate email accounts for your sugar baby things because it is very easy to use your personal email to find your Facebook, Linkedin profile, etc.
Being a Sugar Baby (continued)
- Sites with the best selection are the paid ones, namely sugardaddie.com, where to be a sugar daddy you have to pay about $20/month for the most basic plan, but this site has the best reviews from sugar babies for actually finding legit sugar daddies – their wealth is also verified, and they must have a minimum $100K income to be a member
- Some men will treat this like escorting, and will ask for sexual favors, while others treat it like real dating but do eventually, like most dating, expect sex at some point – what you do is at your own discretion, but remember to trust your intuition at ALL times
Being a Sugar Baby (continued)
- Probable Tasks: kissing up to (usually) an older rich person, going out with them, being arm candy
- Skills required: Preferably being female-identified, some technological know-how, must be charming, personable, able to tolerate someone who usually has an agenda
- Where to go: sugardaddie.com, sugardaddy4me.com, seekingarrangement.com, ashleymadison.com, whatsyourprice.com, etc.
- How much you make: depends on the arrangement and the sugar daddy, but anywhere from $300-$2000+/month
Being a Sugar Baby
- Probable tasks: taking hormonal treatments to make you produce more eggs so they can be harvested
- Skills required: must have healthy eggs, extensive medical and background checks, probably cannot be a felon, must be relatively young and highly educated
- Where to go: oregonreproductivemedicine.com, OHSU, thedonorsource.com
- How much you make: at least $7K each time they are harvested, more if you are more in demand, usually minority eggs tend to be more sought after because it’s more niche and fewer minority women tend to donate
- Cons: much more invasive than donating sperm, might have kids who look for their biological parent later on (it’s a con if you don’t want that to happen)
Selling Eggs
- Probable tasks: waiting for a few hours to give plasma, and then sitting and waiting for it to finish (another few hours) – a lot of waiting
- Where to go: cslplasma.com, biomatusa.grifols.com
- Cons: Can only donate a maximum 2X a week, more if you are heavier (have more blood), other donors can be kind of sketch, certain medical conditions will not be able to give plasma, prob cannot be heroin addict, must have lots of gov't IDs for proof (original Social Security card, license/passport, etc.)
- How much you make: $25-40 each visit (compensation varies on amount of donors overall and some may be eligible for bonuses (probably rare blood types))
Selling Plasma
- Probable Tasks: keeping a house/apartment/room clean enough to have someone rent it while you aren’t living there
- Skills required: having a room/house/apartment that is yours to rent out
- Where to go: Airbnb.com, VRBO.com, roomorama.com
- Cons: Probably not going to earn much money doing this in Portland since it’s not a big tourist place, and people usually bum around with friends for free when they do crash somewhere in Portland – like with parking spaces, probably will be better in a big city, trusting a stranger to live in your place
- How much you make: depends on the place, but in Portland, probably not too much – good idea when going away for weekend or a few weeks
Rent Out Your Home/Living Space
- Probable tasks: keeping your driveway clean enough to rent it out
- Skills required: having a driveway/property to rent it out to someone to park it
- Where to go: Parkingspotter.com
- Cons: Probably not useful in Portland (free or cheap parking in most places), more useful if you are in a big city with few/expensive parking spaces (think New York or San Francisco)
- How much you can make: depends on the cities, and you can rent out your spot for a day, week, month, during a popular event (like the inauguration), and charge at least $14 in a densely populated city
Rent Out Your Driveway
- Probable tasks: finding things that you never use that you could likely rent out to someone for a nominal fee
- Skills required: being able to deliver the goods locally
- Where to go: loanables.com, snapgoods.com, zilok.com, rentalic.com
- You can literally rent out anything, like an LCD projector, a guitar, camping equipment, a lawnmower, etc.
- Cons: people in Portland will probably have their own camping equipment, sites charge a commission on the total transaction price
- How much you make: depends on what you have and what you charge for someone to rent it, and the time they rent it, but prob $30-100/month
Rent Out Your Personal Belongings
Catering to Fetishes
- Probable tasks: doing things you might be a tad uncomfortable with to please some who has a fetish for something you might not be the most comfortable with
- Like with the other money making methods that deal with meeting strangers in person, be conscientious and careful because especially with fetishes, you may encounter people who may not respect your limits
- How much you make: totally depends on the fetish and how far you're willing to go for the person with the fetish (less common fetishes might be more hardcore and pay more money because less people are willing to do it, for example, like a foot fetish vs. golden showers, the latter would probably pay more for this reason)
- Where to go: collarme.com, fetlife.com, Craigslist, fetish-oriented website (Google "[insert fetish here] fetish" and you should be able to find something geared toward a fetish you're comfortable catering to)

- Probable tasks: buying stuff and selling it on Craigslist, eBay, etc.
- The most optimal way to make money through scalping is to figure out what you're most interested in/focus on one area and do some research, it's harder if you try to be a scalper-of-all-trades
- How much money you make: the more capital you have, the more money you'll make, and it totally depends on what you decide to specialize in
- Where to go: best place to scalp things is on eBay, Craigslist
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