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Ideation Station: Coffee Turtle

Reinventing the To-Go Coffee Cup

Arthur Oxborough

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Ideation Station: Coffee Turtle

Ideation Station
Presents... COFFEE TURTLE The Essential Goals: Accepting The Situation An Introduction: Koberg Bagnall Project Parameters Analysis Survey Results: 1 2 Define The Problem 3 Ideation Station 4 Prototype 3 Rigid PLA salad Container
Holds PLA bag without Compressing
Spout on side of container Analysis 2 Feedback Loop Prototype 5 Selection 5 Feedback Loop to Analysis Neck moved, opposite corner
Neck shortened
Neck seal ecured Bag leaks
Need H20 proof glue
Experiment with sonic welder Implementation 6 Final Prototype Sustainability
Drinking Convenience
Drinking Safety Spout is too long
Seal bag closer to opening
More convenient opening Single seam
One intersection
Rounded corners
Neck secured Evaluation 7 Improvements Made: Made of PLA
Screw top lid
Larger opening
Easy storage
Thermometer Tim Brown's
3 Constraints Insulation
Design/ Shape
Lid/ Portability
Disposability Desirability
Real world evaluation Feedback Loop to Analysis
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