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Russell Bell

on 22 September 2016

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Transcript of P&C DAP

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Aims of the DAP:

1. Reduce barriers to accessing goods, services and facilities

2. Reduce barriers to persons with disability in obtaining and maintaining employment

3. Promote inclusion and participation in the community of persons with dsability

4. Achieve tangible changes in attitudes and practices which discriminate against persons with disability
Reduce barriers
Reduce barriers to accessing goods, services and facilities
Survey current employees to identify specific barriers and hazards they experience in their current working environment
Review and update PEEP's documentation and management process to ensure staff are able to safely exit their building in an emergency
Develop information for new employees to identify if they require a PEEP (during on-boarding process)
Reduce barriers to people with disability obtaining and maintain employment
Develop and implement an employment attraction strategy that recruits suitably skilled people with disability
Prioritise and implement the recommendation highlighted in the report on recruitment and selection barriers
Implement key recommendations from the Desktop Audit to the Recruitment model
Revise the diversity statement on the website to encourage applicants with disability to apply
Update 'Guides for People Leaders' to incorporate the process of asking about access requirements and adjustments
Promote inclusion and particiipation in the community of people with disability
Explore partnerships with organisations such as Deakin

P&C DAP actions
Reducing barriers to employment continued
Review and update the policy and process for requesting workplace accomodations
Create new opportunity for new employees to know they can request workplace adjustments (during on boarding)
Implement a request for workplace adjustment tracking process to assist in reporting on the timeliiness and responses to request for adjustment
Provide training and/or guidance for managers and hiring managers on inlusive recruitment and the workplace adjustment policy
Investigate the feasibility of a centralised budget for requests for workplace adjustments and include information and links to Job Access scheme
Invite participants in learning and development activities to advise if they need adjustments to participate
Develop guidance for facilitators on how to accommodate the requirements of employees with disability
Develop guidelines to assist in the development of new tools and resources to ensure accessibility to learners with disability
Establish an employee network for people with and/or interested in disabilityk

To be a leader in the inclusion of people with disability in the workplace!!!
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