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No description

H Johnston

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of controlars

controllers have been around for a long time. they have improved game play and used in consoles like xbox PS1,2,3 and 4 and also Nintendo
joy pad
the joy pad is used in consoles we have today like Xbox 360 and PS3 they are one of the most popular controllers today, they are a hand helled controller that can be in different format
the joystick was used mostly on old computer game it was a small box with a handle and some times button. It was also used on arcade games
touch screen
the touch screen is used by most of us every single day on our phones, tablets and some laptops. one day we might even have touch screen TV's because the are so effortless to use
motion sensor
motion sensor is a different controller because it makes you get up and exercise. they are used in the wii and the Xbox kenect. they are so that you can exercise without leaving the house
mouse and keyboard
the mouse and keyboard is one of the most used game devises ever they are used in lots of things like gaming sites and actual disks and company's
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