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Water Pollution In Sri Lanka!

No description

Gene Monahan

on 11 June 2015

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Transcript of Water Pollution In Sri Lanka!

How did it infected us?
300,000 people in Gampula were at risk when Epidermic of viral hepatitis broke out;Serveral people died.
How did Restarants get their Water back?
Sri Lanka carried out a Media tour and approch worked: the Restarants now use water from the town supply and have proper toilets, and the Defection were provided with toilets.
Vince's,Water Pollution In Sri Lanka!
What Cause's Water Pollution Happend?
Water was highly comtaminated as the restaurants had substanded pit latrines
How did the River was affected by other factories?
Sri Lanka's largest river, was affected by factorie's dischanging effluents,dyes and chemicals into its water.
Water Pollution and Waste dumping contaminate water supplies leading to serious health impacts for nearby water users.
How did the water outbreak that found in local restaurants?
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