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Marriage and Courtship In the Time of Shakespeare

No description

Kobe Corke

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of Marriage and Courtship In the Time of Shakespeare

Marriage and Courtship
In the Time of
By: Kobe C. and Iliana V.

Ladies of court were wooed and won by knights with frequent visits, gifts, and compliments.
Men asked permission of the fathers to court the lady.
Most of the marriages were arranged.
The arranged marriages were to keep the wealth. They tried to keep the wealth in the family so they could have money. They married other families so they could have the wealth of their money and the other family's money.
Marriage continued............
Or some marriages were upon reputation. Some families needed to keep their reputations up so they arranged the marriage with another wealthy family.
Difference from then and now is that back in Elizabethan Times the women had very little right to choose their husband.
Photos of marriage in Elizabethan Times!
Marriage Penalty
If the bride refuses to marry there betrothed
they will still be forced.
The second penalty which is a
less common penalty is that they will be
put to death.
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