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To Kill a Mockingbird Intro Lecture

No description

Laura Randazzo

on 10 September 2016

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Transcript of To Kill a Mockingbird Intro Lecture

• New Deal
• Recovery comes with WW2


by Harper Lee
Describe a time (or times) when you witnessed or experienced injustice because of age, gender, or ethnicity. What was your reaction? What, if anything, could have been done to prevent or change the situation?
Be sure to write about a real situation/situations from your own life or things you've witnessed in our larger culture. Your Quickwrite needs to be at least two-thirds of a page.
Harper Lee
• Many similarities to narrator:
Grew up in a small Alabama town
Father was an attorney
Her mother's maiden name was "Finch"
• Plot loosely based on events that happened near her hometown
• Published novel in 1960
• 1961, won Pulitzer Prize for Literature
• 1962, film version was a box-office
success and earned
three Academy Awards

Maycomb, Alabama
Jean Louise
6 years old at beginning of story
Mom died when Scout was 2
Being raised by widowed dad
Widowed father
Attorney in small town
Intellectual, calm
Respects the law and ideals of justice for all
Well-respected by townspeople

Jeremy Atticus
Older brother
Smart, good kid
Looks out for Scout
Matures into young man as the story unfolds
Charles Baker
Summertime friend to Scout and Jem
Small for his age
Stays with his Aunt Rachel
Imaginative, playful
Arthur "Boo"
Creepy neighbor
down the street
Rarely seen
Rumored to kill animals, peek into ladies' windows, and poison children
Mayella & Bob Ewell
Based on
Man vs. Circumstances
Man vs. Society
Man vs. Himself
Tom Robinson – wrong place, wrong time
Compare/contrast Ewells & Cunninghams
Atticus/Judge vs. racist citizens
Jem/Scout vs. schoolmates
Boo Radley
Challenge assumptions

Atticus faces minor doubts
Jem conquers adolescence
Scout unravels wrong vs. right
Important symbol:
So, now you know what
Let's grab a book and get started!
you need to know.
Any questions?
(Fictional town)
"Dill" Harris
Longtime Finch family housekeeper
Loving, but tough with kids
Atticus relies heavily on her
Tom Robinson
Accused of raping a white woman
Trial enthralls Maycomb citizens
Defended by Atticus
Friend of Calpurnia

same church
Accuse Tom Robinson of raping Mayella
Seen as poor white trash of Maycomb
Bob = alcoholic, neglectful father
Mayella = oldest daughter of clan

Man vs. Man
Segregation in small town
Social hierarchy
Atticus Finch vs. Bob Ewell
Mockingbirds sing only to please others and, therefore, it is considered a sin to shoot them. They are harmless creatures who give nothing but joy to the world.
Be on the lookout for characters who might be symbolically represented
by the mockingbird.
Social Hierarchy
of Maycomb
Stock market crash
Huge unemployment rate
Maycomb citizens suffer
Lowest rung of economic ladder hit hardest
Photo: Migrant Mother by Dorothea Lange, 1936.
Image used with permission: CC-PD.
Lee influenced by Scottsboro Trial
real life?
• 1931, nine African-American teens arrested in Paint Rock, Alabama
• Teen boys accused of raping two white women
• Convicted, but not given a fair trial – a miscarriage of justice
• Lee was Scout's age as this case gripped the entire state
Still popular today
More than 30 million copies sold
April 2012
Source: Pixabay
Image used with permission: Eric Draper, White House, CC-PD
Image used with permission: Library of Congress, CC-PD
Source: Pixabay
Image used with permission: Bruna Ferrara, Flickr, CC2.0.
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Source: Pixabay
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