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Postmodernism and The Sims

No description

Charlotte Price

on 20 July 2010

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Transcript of Postmodernism and The Sims

The Sims But How Is It Postmodern? The sims is a mixture of postmodernism as it can be classed as a hyperreality or simulacra.
It is a fake world where players create and control their own characters or a virtual version of themselves and how they live by helping them survive in the sim world by earning 'simoleans' which is the money used in sims. They even have their own language simlish The sims also has intertextuality as one of the sim worlds
'Veronville' contains pre-made characters such as Romeo and Juliet. Also it refrences the game itself as your Sims can play The Sims on their game consoles.

Not only can players create their own worlds and sims to control there is also
an online community where they can upload their stories, characters and
even videos they have made on The Sims bringing Web 2.0 into the use of The Sims as the game itself has its own youtube page There are downloadable Sims that are based on certain celebrities as well and songs within the game that artists such as Aly & AJ have been made and converted into the Simlish language People really get into the game
and act as though its real. One player posted on the website
"Today was a sad day in Pleasantview. Mortimer Goth died, leaving behind a wife Dina, his three kid" acting as though they are real people.
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