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niyah g

on 30 March 2017

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Transcript of RACCOON


By:Aniyah Genama

Phylum: Chordata
The black bear, harbor seal, and panda fall in the class with the raccoon because they are breathing animals with backbones. Also they are all mammals.
Animals such as the black bear,raccoon,harbor seal, and the panda are carnivorous because they eat meat
Kingdom Animalia
Other organisms such pandas, black bears, west indian manatees, and harbor seals fall into this category with the raccoon.
The animals that fall in the chordata phylum is the black bear, harbor seal, west indian manatee, and panda fall into the phylum with the raccoon because they all have backbones
black bear
west indian manatee
harbor seal
black bear
west Indian manatee
harbor seal
harbor seal
black bear
Family: Procyonidae
Animals like the raccoon fall in the procyonidae family.
Animals like the raccoon fall into the procyon family because that is the scientific name of a raccoon.
Species:P. lotor
Animals like the raccoon fall into the P.
family. No other animal in my group would be in this species because we would not be able to mate and produce fertile offspring
The animal that is most like mine is the panda because we both belong to the kingdom,phylum,class, and order. We also live in the same habitats which are trees.
black bear
west indian manatee
harbor seal
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