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Action Research in the Field @ Newton South High School Library

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Jennifer Dimmick

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Action Research in the Field @ Newton South High School Library

Action Research in the Field
Action Steps
Key Take-aways
Be willing to take a risk (trust students)!
Be flexible; try different strategies
Reflect and adapt as results come in.
We simplified our research guides
We modified our teaching strategies (talk less, do more!)
Goal Setting
Initial Student Goal: Encourage student reflection on their research process to improve information literacy.
Final Student Goal: Students will be able to articulate one or two strategies for success by reflecting on their research processes. To facilitate this reflection, we will require completion of assessments for research guides for 20 classes from November - June 2012/13.
Initial Professional Goal: Identify the impact of research guides on information literacy skills.
Final Professional Goal: Select and/or develop assessment tools to determine if research guides are having an impact on information literacy skills. Include assessment vehicles on 20 research guides from November - June 2012/13.
Spending inordinate amount of time on research guides/pathfinders and wanted to know if they were beneficial--a lingering concern of ours
Drafted initial goals about research guides as a team
Met with Director, Coordinator and Principal for feedback and fine-tuning
27 Assessments Completed
Mix of Departments:
18 History
7 Science
1 English
1 Spanish
Mix of Grades:
8 grade 9
8 grade 10
2 grade 11
8 grade 12
1 mixed
Mix of Tools:
2 Libguide Polls
8 Padlets
17 Google Forms
Limiting: no open-end responses
Good for quick dip-stick assessment
Poor for diagnostics
Great for demonstrating learning
Requires precise learning goal/prompt
Requires maturity
Requires higher order thinking
Nice mix of multiple choice and open-ends
Choice of anonymous vs. identified
Spreadsheet output facilitates analyses
Padlet Examples
"I felt the research guide helped me to break down the information into an organized way to help me find the important supporting details for my paper easily."
"I don't really know. It seemed pretty good."
"I think it's fine."
"I learned that:
1. creating a bibliography after you have read a source will decrease stress
2. in order to succeed in the project, you must be organized throughout the whole project
3. That online databases have a lot of information-and are very useful when looking for an article (e.g JSTOR)"
"The most valuable thing I learned about conducting research during this project was the importance of utilizing every resource available, and that the more notes you take, the better."
"I am still having trouble with organizing my notes and resources soundly."
Google Forms: asking the right
Google Forms: sharing results
@ Newton South High School Library
Libguide Poll Examples
Keep it simple! Do not create a burden for teachers, students, or yourself.
Collaborate: with your peers, your teachers, your administrators, etc.
Be prepared to learn something different from what you set out to learn
NPS MSLA Presentations:
Develop a plan for future goals based on results
As a result of our action research, we're focused on differentiating our research guides to better address the range of learning needs and styles of our students, especially special education this year:

"Continue advancing the 2012/13 Student Learning SMART Goal with particular focus on supporting students at the College Prep level. Students in College Prep classes will be able to articulate one or two strategies for success by reflecting on their research processes. To facilitate this reflection we will pursue differentiated assessment for research conducted in a minimum of 5 College Prep classes from November -- June 2013-14."
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