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Gatsby in Focus

No description

Thomas Wheeler

on 30 November 2017

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Transcript of Gatsby in Focus

The GAN is broadly defined as being 'any novel that is regarded as having successfully represented an important time in US history or one that tells a story that is typical of America.'
What do we already know?
If the GAN can be described as representing the state of America both in general and at a specific time, what else do we already know about the time in which TGG was written?
The 'American Spirit'
An often used phrase, how would you describe the 'American Spirit' in one sentence?
What is the 'Great American Novel'?
Start off Broad
Before going in depth with analysis, first consider your topic in a broader sense:
What themes in the novel can this aspect link to?
Which characters in the novel link closest to the theme?
What events/locations link to the theme?
The Narrative
Using the points and evidence you have gathered, suggest the ways in which your contextual aspect are integral to the
of the novel.
You now need to find evidence for the points you made - if possible provide more than one.

If you can get alternative viewpoints then try and support them.
With justification from the text, I want you to decide upon one of the categories you didn't cover as being the most influential contextual factor for The Great Gatsby
Please feedback what you consider to be your most significant points from each category
The Great American Novel
Group Task
Feedback & Evaluation
Gatsby in Focus
L.O. - To be able to explain and evaluate the impact of contextual factors on The Great Gatsby
1. In what ways can TGG fit into this definition?

2. Find examples in the text to support your ideas

3. (extension) Why do we even need to define a 'Great American Novel'?
You will each receive a sheet with details on
a specific contextual aspect, including some
general information about that topic
How to use context?
AO3 - Perceptive understanding of the significance and influence of the contexts in which texts are produced and received. = 31%

Jot down three key rules for using context in your writing.
You will need to present your group's analysis to the class.

Before you do, make sure that each member of your group has a clear point with evidence to share.
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