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Dale Legal Firm

No description

Manitoba/Ontario Prezi

on 9 November 2017

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Transcript of Dale Legal Firm

L a u r e l l y D a l e
Dale Legal Firm

Review current position

Understand what makes an effective marketing campaign

Outline a strong branding strategy
Establish your image with our audience as
trusted lawyer
No lawyer has taken control of the market share locally
public reluctance to pursue just compensation
insurance companies pushing potential clients into settling quickly
well established within the legal community
familiar with Northwestern Ontario
proven knowledge of the Canadian legal system
No clearly marked office
not in Kenora full time
lack of awareness
Creative Strategy
Increase perceived credibility
Become familiar and approachable while retaining your role as an expert
Reassure potential clients that they're justified in pursuing legal action.
misconceptions about the legal process
Marketing Strategy
Who we are...
Our Company.

Golden West is committed to partnering with local businesses, supporting community organizations, and giving local residents a voice through our radio and online mediums.
Who we are...

# of users :0
#of views: 0
Launched in 2011
over 65,000 users per month
over 4 million pages of content viewed annually
#1 source of online news & information in NW Ontario
The largest reach of any station in NWO
The biggest news room in the region
Creative team with over 60 years experience
Consistency + Frequency + Message = Results
Who we are..
Why Advertise?
Advertising differentiates you from competition

Perception is reality

Advertising creates pre-need preference
3 x 30 second messages per day Monday to Friday
AT40 - 4 x messages per day Saturday and Sunday

2 rotations News Page Big Box #2
(Approx. 75,000 impressions / month)
Challenge perceptions around personal injury law

Average of 100 x 30 second ads per month

Approx. 75,000 impressions per month

Total Investment
$33,594 / year
(Average of $2,799 per month)
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