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Architectural Engineering

Wilson's Prezi on Architectural Engineering

Wilson Wong

on 6 October 2012

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Transcript of Architectural Engineering

Wilson Wong Architectural Engineering Description Architectural Engineering is a field of engineering that deals with creating efficient buildings and building systems that take into account economic and safety factors. These engineers must apply mathematical, artistic, engineering, and scientific principles to their designs. What do they do? To find work these engineers give presentations and consult with many clients to manage contracts. They must prepare scaled drawings and documents for their designs. Mathematics is very important to architectural engineers. They must estimate materials, equipment needed, costs, and the construction time. Typically architectural engineers work with other workers in related professions. Alexandre Gustave Eiffel Education Needed Architectural engineers must earn a bachelor's degree. They have requirements in math and physics as well as engineering. In math they need to take calculus, geometry, and a course on differential equations. Another curriculum is the architectural engineering which includes mechanical and civil engineering. Exams

Architectural engineers must pass two exams to get a license for engineering. the two tests are the National Council of Examiners for engineering and surveying, and the Fundamentals of Engineering exams. Eiffel was a very famous architectural engineer. He was the architect that built the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, the Church of Notre Dame Des Champs and many other buildings School Illinois Institute of Technology offers programs in civil, architectural, and environmental engineering through the Department of Civil Architectural Engineering. Students can obtain a Certificate in Architectural engineering, Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering or a Master of Architectural Engineering. JOBS There are many types of jobs available in Architectural engineering. in 2010 they held about 113,700 jobs. They can be architects, project managers, mechanical engineers, engineering supervisors, designers, etc. According to architect.jobs.topusajobs.com there are 16749 available jobs online for architectural engineers. Architectural engineers spend a lot of time in offices. They consult with clients, develop reports and drawings, and work with other architects and engineers. They often go to the construction sites to review the progress of the projects. Many architectural engineers work more than 50 hours per week. The earn an average annual wage of $77.120 according to bls.gov Job Environment A professional organization is an organization with members seeking to further a specific profession. It is usually non-profit and seeks to further increase the interest of the individuals in the profession, and the public’s interest of the field. There are many benefits of joining a professional organization. They can provide one with more information on his/her field, enhance one’s professional development, and provide networking opportunities. They also look good on resumes, because it shows that an individual does not only have a college-level knowledge and experience, but know more about that specific field. Private Organizations A professional organization related to architectural engineering is the Architectural Engineering Institute. The goal of this organization is to get students with shared academic interests to work together and pursue their goals. Another organization is the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America. This organization seeks to benefit the public by uniting the people with great knowledge that will act for the society. The last organization is the Engineering Society of Detroit. This organization promotes and celebrates excellence, cooperation, professional growth, fellowship, and innovation in engineering, scientific, and other similar professions. Professional Organization for Architectural Engineering I would be interested in architectural engineering. One reason I am interested in this field is because I like designing things. Also this field promotes physics math and engineering which I enjoy learning about. There are many pros in this field such as the high salary. There are many great schools which offer this field. There are also cons to this field which includes the long hours of work needed. The schedules are very tight for architectural engineers and the working conditions could be very extreme at the sites. It could also be very dangerous if there are miscalculations in the designing. Overall I feel that this field of engineering would be a great career for me. Conclusion
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