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Canon Brand Audit

No description

Sabrina Zahid

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Canon Brand Audit

By: Sabrina B, Satchel K., Rob O., Madhavi R., & Tim S. Canon Brand Audit Brand History The earliest Canon camera prototype called “Kwanon” was created in 1933
Soon after, the Hansa Canon (a 35mm focal-plane shutter camera) was created, thus establishing the Canon brand Brand Expansion Canon implemented the “Premier Company Plan” in 1976 to globalize Canon and strengthen the brand

From the 70s onwards, Canon underwent major expansion to copy machines with all-in-one cartridge systems, printers, advanced cameras and video cameras, and more Positioning Over 31 Different Product Categories
Specifically digital cameras, printers, scanners
Ranges from Consumer to Business
Main Sponsor of New York Yankees New Brand Slogan: Image Anywhere
Promise to ensure exceptional quality when dealing with Imagery Projects
Dedicated to being No.1
No.1 brand in the Copier Market
Currently 93rd most valuable in the world
Differentiates themselves by striving to be a Global Brand Brand Association &
Awareness Canon ranks at 3 % regarding top electronics brands
Canon ranks at 81 % regarding camera brands
21 % recognize the Canon logo
95 % know of Canon Brand Image Canon does more than cameras
Average thoughts towards Canon
Overall GOOD Loyalty &
Attachment Best Service and Reliability by
Loyalty Program
PCWorld.com reliability survey
Less Problems
Camera’s Top Lists
Contact Centers Consumer Testimonials “Prompt service, Fantastic service and courtesy. No excuses, no flip-flopping, no attitude.”
“The technician was very patient with my lack of technical skill. This was the most professional an courteous experience I’ve had with any company via telephone. I felt the technician went above and beyond my expectations.”
- Various Consumers, Canon U.S.A. Website Suggested
Improvements Diversify product exposure
Create stronger differentiation
New endorsements?
Continue successful loyalty and customer service efforts Thanks for your time!
Any Questions?!
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