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Gothic Architecture

No description

Halie Carpenter

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Gothic Architecture

Gothic Architecture
The Way out
The Beginning of Greatness
Santa Maria del Fiore
Constructed from 1296 to 1436
Boasted the first octagonal dome in history without support
The colorful marble on the outside was not finished until 1887
This basilica is still one of Italy's largest churches
The Cruciform shape was not only religious, but practical as well.
Transition from Roman to Gothic
Reims Cathedral
Three Defining Features of a Gothic Cathedral
1) Pointed Arch
2) Ribbed Vault
3) Flying Buttress
Basic Info
Different names: Cathedral of Our Lady in Chartres; Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres; Chartres Cathedral
Located in Chartres, France
Different Features
The Chartres Cathedral is a milestone in the development of Western architecture
When was it built?
Somethings have been added in later years
First built in the 1000
How and Why was it built?
Chartres Cathedral ranks as a triple masterpiece.
Virgin Mary- became pilgrimage
Fire destroyed the building
Timeline of Construction
1160 Maurice de Sully (named Bishop of Paris), orders the original cathedral demolished.
1163 Cornerstone laid for Notre-Dame de Paris, construction begins.
1182 Apse and choir completed.
1196 Bishop Maurice de Sully dies.
1200 Work begins on western facade.
1208 Bishop Eudes de Sully dies. Nave vaults nearing completion.
1225 Western facade completed.
1250 Western towers and north rose window completed.
1245–1260s Transepts remodelled in the Rayonnant style by Jean de Chelles then Pierre de Montreuil
1250–1345 Remaining elements completed

Notre Dame de Paris
Black- mourning, death
Blue- heaven, truth
Green- hope, happiness
Red- passion, love and hate
White- purity, innocence
Yellow/Gold- God, the sun, and the treasures of heaven
Stained Glass Color Activity
Mourning and death
Heaven and Truth
Hope and Happiness
Passion, Love, and Hate
Purity and Innocence
the sun,
and the treasures of heaven
Reims Cathedral
Located in Reims, France
Construction began in 1211 and ended in 1275
Some portions were never finished
Roman Catholic
Still active today
Represented the Heavenly Jerusalem for people of the Middle Ages
The Fires
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