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The History of Cell theory

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Phoebe Summers

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of The History of Cell theory

Zacharias Jensen
In the 1600's he made the first compund microscope
He was a glasses maker
He took apart a cork and looked at it through a microscope. He saw what he called cells because they looked like the room for a monk in a monastery
Robert Hooke
This is related to the cell theory because it led scientists to research more about cells
he preformed an experiment to see if rotting meat turned into flys
esco Redi

This helped make the cell theory because it proved that meat cannot make flies only flies can make more flies
Which is like cells can only come form preexisting cells
He discovered bacteria. He called them animalcules because they looked like miniature animals
Anton Van Leeuwenhoek
He looked at pond water under a microscope and saw organisms in the water. He drew what he saw
He discovered the first cell
Theodor Schwann
Proposed that all living things are made of cells
He looked at animal parts under a microscope and saw that it was different than plant cells
He was talking to Schleiden and discovered that all living things were composed of cells
This led to the the 3rd rule of cell theory
Discovered that plants are made up of cells. He contributed to the cell theory
Matthias Schleiden
Rudolph Virchow
He plagiarized the work of Remak and wrote that every cell comes from every other cell.
Which led to the second rule of cell theory
He did an experiment that proved that soup exposed to air could only spoil if the air wasn't filtered or if the flask containing the soup had a hole in it that would let the micro organisms to the soup.
Louis Pasteur
He used a flash with an s-shaped neck which made it so that the micro organisms that spoiled the soup were in the neck of the flask and the soup wouldn't spoil
The rules of cell theory are...
Cell theory
Cells are the basic unit of life
They only come from preexisting cells
all living things have at least one cell
Discovered that cells only come from preexisting cells
Robert Remak
He was an embryologist, physiologist, and neurologist
He also discovered unmyelinated nerve fibres and the nerve cells in the heart sometimes called Remak's ganglia.
Remak's ganglia: a ganglion is a small, usually hard bump above a tendon or in the capsule that encloses a joint.
Pasteur was a French chemist and biologist who proved the germ theory of disease and invented the process of pasteurisation.
Louis Pasteur cont.
Pasteur became the first to show that living things come only from living things
Which led to theory that only cells can make more cells and they don't just go poof and there's more cells
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