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Animal research is harmful, cruel and unreasonable

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hannah dahlmann

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Animal research is harmful, cruel and unreasonable

Animal research is harmful, inhumane and unreasonable
Hundreds of thousands animal are killed every year from research
Animals are blinded, poisoned and infected with human diseases
Some animals live in confinement their entire lives
Animal experiments mislead doctors and the public!
When cancer is injected into a animal from a human it is not the same thing
A animal can be blinded from a substance and that substance, ie. mascara can still be sold to the public
There are other methods that can be used instead of testing!
in vitro (test tube) test methods and models based on human cell and tissue cultures
• computerized patient-drug databases and virtual drug trials
• computer models and simulations
• stem cell and genetic testing methods
• non-invasive imaging techniques such as MRIs and CT Scans
• microdosing (in which humans are given very low quantities of a drug to test the effects on the body on the cellular level, without affecting the whole body system)
Testing on animals
is harmful to them

Laws only protect animals on how they are housed and not how they are treated
Animals are poisoned, burned, and blinded by their researchers
Researchers think its ok to burn, shock, drug, starve and radiate these animals
Testing on animals cause them pain, fear and loneliness
Facts about research
1. Over 100 million animals are burned, crippled, poisoned and abused in U.S. labs every year.

Mice, Rats, Fish, and Birds 25 million[*]
Guinea Pigs 213,029
Rabbits 210,172
Hamsters 145,895
Nonhuman primates 71,317
Dogs 64,930
Pigs 53,260
Other Farm Animals 38,008
Cats 21,578
Sheep 13,271
Marine Mammals 126
All Other Covered Species[**] 303,107
Total 26 million[***]

What you can do to help stop animal testing!
Educate yourself on what companies use animal testing for their products and stop buying those products!
Visit www.peta.org for a complete list of companies that use animal testing
Animals deserve better than this....
Just think if this was you.....
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