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stephen edbert

on 1 August 2013

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Transcript of Australia

Sydney is the metropolitan city of Australia. It is also where people would go if they visit Australia. Be mezmerized with the beauty of the two beaches in Sydney, the Bondi beach and the Manly beach. Sydney also houses the world famous hall, the Opera House. Another famous Sydney structure is the Sydney Harbour Bridge .

Differences between Gold coast and Sydney
Hello, today my team is going to present about 2 Australian cities, it is about the tourist attractions, its differences and the foods in Australia. Enjoy :)
Australia would be famous for our wide variety of food available, all those migrants have bought there own cuisine and we have a good choice of restaurants and gourmet food.

Other than that, famous for crayfish (lobsters), Marron and fresh fruit.
Foods in Australia
Gold coast
Gold Coast Australia is a modern city with high-rise buildings sparkle, which is built around the magnificent beaches, including "Surfers Paradise" world famous.
Gold Coast is the sixth largest city in Australia, and the second largest in the state of Queensland. Stretch of golden beaches together with no end.

Tourist attractions in gold coast
There are lots of attractions in Gold Coast such as : Dreamworld, Seaworld and Movieworld. Other than that, Gold Coast also has lots and lots of beaches and the popular place in Gold Coast is the Surfer's Paradise.
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