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Grass Valley POWER Workshop

No description

Charles Bobo

on 12 March 2011

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Transcript of Grass Valley POWER Workshop

P.O.W.E.R. System Performance - current situation
Opportunities - marketable assets
Weaknesses - handling challenges
Execution - attaining the goals
Resources - what is needed Performance Opportunities Weaknesses Execution Resources What's the current status? What makes Grass Valley unique? What are our challenges? What's required to attain goals? What do we have to work with? Tourism Survey What is the current state of tourism? Nation?
Sierras? Tourism declining at all levels
08-09 drop in California largest ever
Nevada & California highest unemployment Common Mission Realistic Objectives One sentence describing what we need to accomplish with this project Dynamics of Tourism Changing Trips shorter - 1.2 days (time poverty)
65% use internet for plans
Social media on the rise
Traditional media on the decline
The process of transition has made marketing difficult to project Measurable Goals Increase event attendance?
Develop more cohesive strategy?
Increase room nights?
Establish primary vs. secondary actions? What actions will be implemented to assure goals are attained? Seasons
Area attractions
Special events
Historic elements
Arts & culture Primary versus Seconday Assets Inventory Primary assets serve to draw the people, while secondary assets compliment the visit once they arrive Competitive Advantages What makes Grass Valley unique?
What makes it the same?
Where are we falling short? What does Grass Valley have that the market is interested in? Competitors Placerville
Sutter Creek
Hwy. 49 South
Auburn/Truckee What are competitors' strengths? How do we identify?
Significant impact on Grass Valley?
How do we offset with strategy? Product Weaknesses Event failures
State issues
Asset weaknesses
Others? Marketing Weaknesses Web sites & internet promotion
Collateral materials
Community branding
Lack of unified strategy
Funding Google Search... YouTube Search Where and how does Grass Valley exceed competitors? Financial Needs & Budgets Cooperative marketing
Seasonal versus annual
Rifled strategy
City vs. County funds $ What time of year Shoulder season?
Enhance high times?
Compliment current groups?
Other ideas How do we best to balance this strategy with current organizations' efforts? Success Metrics Room nights & TOT
Retail sales
Leveraged funding
SEO/Web traffic
Event visitor counts Branding What are the unique qualities, attributes, and assets that best define Gras Valley?
Visitor Guide
Collateral Internet Strategy Flagship web site
SEO strategy to drive backlinks
Content rich with PR
Push/pull strategy to drive response Existing resources and strategies that can be leveraged Breakout Have we answered? BRANDING DETOUR What people say about you when you're not around... The core concept of the community, distinctly expressed through logos, slogans, signage, communications, merchandise, events Cross over to Economic Development Timeline Estimate March 11-12: Mayor's Tourism Summit
March 30 - April 15: Action Plan, Review, Approval
April 15 - May 10: Creative Development
May 15 - May 20: Launch
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