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X box1 v.s ps4

No description

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of X box1 v.s ps4

Xbox one V.S Wii U V.S PS4
It is $399
PS4 is the firs PlayStation console that will come with a HDMI cable.
The new PlayStation camera can shoot in 3-D.
You can intently switch well playing a game to other apps on the dynamic menu.
It can stream movies from Video Unlimited.
xbox one
I'm going to tell you things about the xbox one and Will U and PS4 . I'm also going to tell you witch one ill pick and why.

one V.S Wii U V.S
It is $499
you cannot lend games to a fend but you can give the game away but you will kneed to be xbox live friends for about 30 days .
The coneckt will have to be conected to the xbox to work .
You can buy a new game then traid it in but after you traid it cannot be traded after one time you only can traide games if the gaming company alowes you if it is OK to trade the game.
Xbox One
Wii U Revue
Wii U
It is $299
It can play old Wii games but you will have to load the old home page.
The first Nintendo Wii with a HDMI cabal plug in.
The controller only holds 4 hours of battery and you will have to charge it wen you are not playing.
The price $499,$299,$399 the xbox is out the Wii u kinda interested me so the PS4 wins my vote.
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