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Egyptian Revolution (2011)

No description

Thomas Petrou

on 8 September 2015

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Transcript of Egyptian Revolution (2011)

Egyptian Revolution
The revolution started on January 25, 2011;that day was a holiday to celebrate the police officers, very ironic. This day is know as the day of rage.
By day 3 of the revolution, the government decided to stop everyone from communicating digitally.There on, the revolution was based on rumors. however, the internet was restored by the most part on february 2.
The revolution kinda ended on Febuary 11, 2011; the president decided to put the army in charge.
The leader had been in power for 29 years.
Omar Suleiman: Vice President
Mohamed ElBaradei: Face of protests
General Mohamed Tantawi: Runs Egypts Military
Ayman Nour: Founder of the Ghad party
Mubarak: Started the Facebook page
The brotherhood: Organized oposition group
Gamal Mubarak: The President
Protests took place in cities all over Egypt.
The Tunision Revolt started for similar reasons and triggered the Egyptian Revolution
When the revolution had started with only protests. The army fired on protestor enraging them.
They wanted a more democratic government led by an offical voted by the citizens.

Protest emerged because the citizens of Iran were mad at the way the Shah was ruling. Protest start with a person who disagrees with something and the group gets bigger through conversation and social media. The government call police officers to the scene and use tear gas, firecrackers, and rubber bullets to stop the protestors.
Millions of men and women took to the streets demanding change from the government. Protests took place all over Egypt. On the first day of the protests, the Egyptian government censored most of the media. People demonstrated and protested about many different things.
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Cairo: The beating heart of the revolution.
Alexandria: looting and burning
Mansoura: a "war zone"
Suez: high death tolls
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