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Rosa parks

No description

haris mund

on 16 February 2017

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Transcript of Rosa parks

1 - Rosa Parks was a civil rights activist. and she stood there with Martin Luther King Jr and some others as a team to prove to everyone that everyone had equal rights.
Rosa Parks
3 - ''The mother of the freedom movement'' Rosa Parks also has a statue of herself in the USA. Obama was he one that revealed it o everyone at Washington dc.
Rosa Parks
2 - ''First lady of civil rights'' Rosa Parks was the first lady of civil rights since it had been males before her she was the first lady of civil rights.
Rosa Parks
Rosa Parks
She born in Tuskegee, Alabama. She was known for Montgomery bus Boycott for something that she did that shook the whole world i will tell you more about it later on in this prezi.
Rosa Parks
When she was a child she moved with her parents to Alabama pine level. And made history by just being a normal protester to being someone that will never be forgotten. and in pine level she was educated and went to school.
Rosa Parks
She was born in February 4, 1939. And died during October 4, 2005. Due to some natural causes but no one will forget her legend and what she did to change this world to what it is today
Rosa Parks
Rosa Parks
Rosa Parks made history by refusing to give up her seat to a White passenger. Even tough black people WERE supposed to do that and sit at the back of the bus she refused to!!! Plus she also used to protest. Which also got her to the stage she is right now.
Names that describe her
Rosa parks history.
Rosa Parks
Who is Rosa Parks?
She was also the first lady
of african-american of civil
rights. Rosa Parks changed USA by not giving up her seat to show every human has equal rights.
and they do not have to be bossed around
by different types of races.
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