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"Bad Boy" by Walter dean Myers

No description

Brenda Godwin

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of "Bad Boy" by Walter dean Myers

"Bad Boy" by Walter dean Myers
"Bad Boy" plot
The plot of Bad Boy is Walter growing up in Harlem in New York. Walter talks about his troubles at school. How teachers got on to him alot. Also how his life at home with Mom and Dad. Walter Dean was trying to find himself in life and his identity.He thinks very important work on your choices when you're still young. How your choices affect your life.
Walter Dean Myers
Walter Dean Myers was the main character of his story. Walter in the book is really young in the story. He likes to read books, but he doesn't want anybody else to find out about him loving to read.He was a fighter and that made trouble at school because he fight at school. He was really smart though and he was a gifted class with other smart people. Walter also like to play sports. He goes through a lot in his life.
Step 4
The story Bad Boy
"Bad Boy" is written by Walter Dean Myers. The story is about Walter's life and what it goes through while growing up. Walter wasn' t a slave but it grew up during the time when they were separated still. Walter Dean Myers was very smart but he got in trouble alot at school and home. While Walter like books,but he like to fight too. He wrote "Bad Boy" when he was grown.
Walter Dean's Mom
Walter's mom play a big part in the story and she took good care of Walter. She punished him when he did something bad. They were close until he lied about her then they weren't as close then.Well then it was fixed.
Walter Dean Myers at school
Walter's life at school. He fight a lot kids at school and some of his teachers didn't like him because of it. His first white teacher was Mr. Lasher. When got in trouble with Mr. Lasher he came home with Walter! Next year Walter got into the gifted program with other kids. The gifted kids were trouble makers. Walter had speech problems and he got teased because of it.
Walter's life at home
Walter life in Harlem was normal to him. He got hurt alot by doing stupid stuff. Whenever he got bad grades at school his Mama would whip him. Walter went to the doctor alot one time to get his appendix remove. Walter's dad change alot during but he gets better though. Walter and his Mama was very close. When he gets older he was not as close.
Walter Dean's Dad
Walter's dad was pretty nice guy until he's brother was killed. After his brother was killed he got into a deep depression and he wouldn't talk to Walter or his wife and he always was quite after that. It lasted for about a year and he got better.
Mr. Lasher
Mr. Lasher did two very important things for Walter. He help Walter get smarter. That year Walter had all good grades and he didn't get in trouble much that year. Walter also got to be the leader of the class. Mr. Lasher thought Walter was very smart but he need stop fighting. He was also Walter's first white teacher.
Walter's love for books.
Walter loves to read books and often he would go to the library, He want to keep it a secret for his love of books. Walter says books complete the spots in his life. Walter didn't wanna fight about books. Books were not something to fight about.
Walter Dean Myers finding his identity
Walter thinks finding his identity was important. Walter think your identity comes from where your from and what you went through in life. Also what parents went through. What did you do in your life and most importantly who are you.
Walter Dean Myers growing up in Harlem
Walter growing in Harlem was normal to him. When he was younger he would dance in the streets and some people throw coins at him. Walter thought of Harlem as just home nothing really special. Walter growing up not alot black people work at the shops until couple years later. Walter said that Harlem was a ghetto in the making. Harlem is where jazz music came from. If we didn't have Harlem we wouldn't have jazz music. Harlem was a place where people be dancing in the streets.
Walter Dean Myers love for sports and his friends
Walter love to play sports and he would often play basketball. In his neighborhood he would play ball. He was also trustworthy. He had two good friends named Eddie and Frank.
"Bad Boy" summary
Walter overall changed his bad behavior and got better at school. He meet his real parents late on and his step siblings and his whole siblings. Walter became a better person. He was dropout of high school. Walter Dean Myers wanted a successful writer for books. He writes about the struggle in his life. Walter wrote a lot of books. He won some awards for his books. Walter was very suprised to met his real parents.
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