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Notice & Note Examples

No description

Megan Higgins

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Notice & Note Examples

Notice & Note Practice
Which Notice & Note signpost is it?
Examine each example carefully.

Once you have analyzed the example, discuss with your group which signpost it best represents. Explain why you chose that signpost.

Write the answer on your whiteboard.
"I Remember When"

Days are gone but my love lives on in this space and time.
I remember playing the games, funny nicknames, and all the sunny days, that shine so brightly.
I keep remembering when we started together as friends.
I keep remembering when we were together forever.

The promise we made still stays in my head like the melody.
I remember favorite songs we heard all night long in the candlelight still shines so brightly.

The 14-year-old Philo Farnsworth was plowing a potato field one day when it suddenly just came to him how electrical television could work. No, there weren't hallucinogens in the spuds. According to legend, the back-and-forth motion of the till inspired him. Farnsworth realized that an electron beam could scan images line by line - simply put, that was the basis for almost all TVs until LCD and plasma screens came along.

He went on to demonstrate the first operational, all-electronic television system in 1927.
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