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First Day of STEM class

No description

Ashley Callahan

on 3 August 2013

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Transcript of First Day of STEM class

Classroom Economics
Callahan Class Competitions
Rules of WEIS Road
Mrs. Callahan's STEM Elective
Who is Mrs. Callahan?
STEM is like a jolt of caffeine
S- Science
T- Technology
E- Engineering
M- Math
Laws of C-Town
Projects for the Semester
Mousetrap Cars
Roller Coaster Model
Healthy Eating
Rube Goldberg Design
Video Game Creator
Hawaii's Alternative Energy
Entering the Classroom
Walk in quietly and go directly to your seat
Get out your STEM notebook
Begin writing 4+ sentence about the warm up topic
"Warm up time is silent time"- You as students think better when you are focused.
Boredom Over...
Find the matching card, have a seat and begin working on the survey.
This is a project based class where you the students will work collaboratively with classmates to come up with solutions to everyday problems using a combination of science, technology, engineering and math.
We will have classroom jobs for income.
We will pay rent for our desks.
We will get paid bonuses.
We will have a classroom store.
Every Friday Mrs. Callahan will hold class STEM competition for the chance at classroom money and prizes.
Be in your assigned seat/area, ready to work when the bell finishes ringing.
Bring/Have paper, pencil, books and all need materials every day.
HFBO - Keep hands, feet, books, and objects to yourself
Profanity, rude gestures, cruel teasing or put downs are not permitted.
Follow directions of any working adult at this school.
We will be honest (to Mrs. C, to each other, on paper, etc.)
We will be kind
We will do our work and turn it in on time
We will be on time and prepared for class
Warning from Mrs. C
Classroom Fine
Detention/Phone call home
Office Referral
Materials for EVERY Class
STEM Notebook
Open Mind
Willingness to work with others
The "Pencil Problem"
Mrs. C does NOT have pencils to hand out but you have options:
Perform a magic trick and make one appear
Ask a friend near by (this is to be a quiet task or you will lose this option)
Buy one from the Store Clerk (you better be nice or they won't sell it to you)
Do nothing- take the zero and the ticket
Daily Assignments 20%
STEM Journals 20%
Teamwork 10%
Extra Stuff
There will be times where cellphone use is acceptable, until then if I see them, they are mine! Mwhahahahaha...ha.
Lost and Found
Check out the Lost and Found bin. Not there? Sorry???...
You may buy a pass from the Store Clerk or at Auction, other than that... No. Sorry. :-(
Callahan Competition:
Using 50 toothpicks and 20 marshmallows team must create the tallest tower.
You will have 5 minutes
Tower must stay standing for 1 minute
Everyone must participate in some way.
Goes back to the "Be Kind" rule.
If you choose not to participate... that is fine. You can write a page from Mrs. Callahan's :-( Box.
For competition only
Material are not to be thrown, eaten, destroyed etc.
Misuse of materials will cause the competition to end immediately.
No competition means no prizes, no money, no fun and instead a quiz over the weeks lessons.
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