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Creative Writing Group Anthology

No description

jeremy reynoso

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of Creative Writing Group Anthology

Jeremy's Work
Gabi's Work
Certainty scares me because I can't change it, right?
Natalia's Work
Isabella's Work
That I Will Abandon
Group Composition
Group Composition
I always thought I didn't belong, perhaps I was not meant to be human.

I can feel my goosebumps throughout my body.
I can feel my lips tremble,
but my mind is calm.
I can finally breath.

<- Spoken Word ->
It really sucks when you're not hungry, but still eat
anyways because the food looks too delicious...
Who do you think I am?
What do you think I am?
A coconut is what you see
Hard exterior, covered in scars, marks of the past
Brown, filthy with dirt, mistakes, impure
Touched by the untouchables.

Is what I am
Not Colombian, Puerto Rican, or Dominican
Brown is the color of my skin
Not the color of my brain,
Or the limit of my intelligence

You don't know me,

Who is in the inside?
Nothing as it seems.
Hollow, empty, useless
Kicked back in forth on the rolling hills
Battered and torn up

I check Asian
You see Hispanic.
Marking who I am on a 81/2x11
categorizing my entire being, into one word
That's all you want, right?

The question remains
Do you really know?
Do I really know?

Asian doesn’t equal yellow
doesn’t equal “chinky” eyes
Asian equals me
A coconut,
bobbing in the deep blue waters, afloat
My shell is only what you see

Who is inside?
The sweetest of water
tainted by the tenderness of my heart
covered by my brown shell
refreshing splash, tastes of
No I am not trapped
Only preserved

Kept untouched until the time is ripe
harvested in protective arms
Waiting to be discovered

While I remain unclean
I can handle it
For when the time is right
It will break
Then you will see
I am not what you called me to be.
I am Me.
I’m up again
my only company the moon, it shines in from the window
Crickets chirp in the dewy grass
Crispy smell of night
I climb out onto the rickety roof
Shingles shift
I’m up again

The light burns my eyes
a calming sensation fills me
I see stars shining
flashing lights of planes passing
and I find peace, looking into the night sky
alone with my thoughts

Heels click down the wooden boardwalk
Smells of spring, warmth, dripping ice cream
The hot bench burns my leg
I now have a sunburn…. OUCH
I lick my ice cream in hopes the stinging sensation would go away
it only gets worse
red like a tomato
hot like an inferno
the only thing on my mind is

The day goes on,
i desperately search for a store,
preferably a CVS or Walgreens,
no hope

so I go to rite-aid in desperate need
and luckily i find it

the wonderful aqua green/blue liquid
i know it will sooth me
its cool like presence taming the burns

the burns that once screamed
remain calm
and i’m able to click my heels down the wooden boardwalk
smell the spring. warmth and finish the dripping ice cream

but this time i’m not gonna sit on that bench
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