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Kakashi Hatake

Sharingan Warrior

Holly M

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Kakashi Hatake

Hi, I'm Kakashi Hatake, a jounin level ninja of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. These are my students and the new Team 7. From left to right. Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, and Naruto Uzumaki. My 'rival' and friend, Might Gai, and I are constantly competing to see who is the strongest but when things get tough we always have each others backs. Welcome to the Hidden Leaf Village. I'm Lady Tsunade, the leader of this village.

Today we are going to interview the infamous Kakashi Hatake. Wait a second...where is he? Yo, Sorry I'm late. I got lost on the path of life. Late as usual. Sorry about that... Welcome to the Leaf Village. Hmmm..the mask? Oh yeah, I've always worn it. My students have tried many times to see what under it. So I did what any good teacher would do. When I first met my students, I must admit, I thought they were all idiots. Sasuke acted as if he was superior to his team mates. Sakura had little to no tallent and was "in love" with Sasuke. And Naruto, well, he was very clueless and had a very lofty goal. He wanted to become the leader of our village. Its been a few years since then... Naruto is no longer the same clueless kid. He's grown stronger, more mature and wiser Sakura has grown as well. She is more focused on her training and has become very strong. Sasuke is another story. Its true that he is stronger and more mature, but he joined forces with Orochimaru. A rogue ninja who used to be a ninja of this village. Since Sasuke left, we have gained two new team members. Sai and Captain Yamato. Yamato and I were in the ANBU Black Opps together. Team 7's main goal is to locate and retrieve Sasuke Uchiha. So far it hasn't been a walk in the park. One of our most memorable missions was when we escorted Tazuna, the bridge builder to the Land of Waves. My students were very young and it was their first mission out side the village gates. Hm? Other stuff about me...um...well, i have a theme song. Here's a picture of the old team 7. From left to right. Me, my best friends and team mates, Rin and Obtio Uchiha. Above us is our Sensei, Minato. Minato was the 4th village leader. Why are my eyes two different colors? Well, I lost an eye in a battle when I was younger , but my best friend Obito lost his life. With his dying breath he gave me his sharingan eye. Recently, I discovered that my student Naruto is actually the son of my late Sensei. As Minato Sensei and his wife are no longer with us, there was no way of knowing. Well that's about it. Thank you for visiting, see you around. This is my father, Sakumo Hatake, the legendary White Fang. He was my biggest idol, I always wanted to be just like him. *sigh* Kakashi!
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