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Pretty Hurts

No description

Nina Chang

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of Pretty Hurts

Pretty Hurts...
By Yuepeng Xiong & Katalina Cha
The purpose is to inform readers about a huge problem on depression in young teenage girls.
The purpose also addresses what "monsters" (as they would call it) girls these days turn them selves into to "win" and to fit in.
Symbols that support the purpose include the words "pageant", "Plastic Smiles", and "shattered mirrors". These symbols in all, represent the "life stages" girls go through at one point.
"Pretty hurts" : Purpose & Symbols
The context is obviously sung by Beyonce Knowles, otherwise known as Mrs. Carter!
This was written and released last year 2013
Some background of the context, Beyonce used to be in various amounts of pageants when she was little!
Diction supports the context by using words like: "pretty", "pain", "disease", and "hurts". Creates a distressing tone that gives the context its meaning.
Beyonce uses mostly negative diction.
The audience is towards teenage girls because they are the group in the "girl category" that have mostly likely dealt with this kind of issue.
Repetition includes "Pretty hurts", "Just another stage, pageant the pain away", and "Perfection is a disease of a nation". This kind repetition really brings out the feeling and emotions and ties them in with the audiences feelings and emotions
"Pretty hurts" : Audience & Repetition
"Pretty hurts" : Context & Diction/Tone
Plastic Surgery Video: Purpose & Symbolism
Plastic Surgery Video: Context & Hyperbole
Plastic Surgery Video: Audience & Mood
Compare and Contrast
In conclusion....
In "Pretty hurts" by Beyonce and a French video on plastic surgery, both use stylistic features to demonstrate the problem on depression in teenage girls and portray the pain it is to be "beautiful."
The purpose of this video is to inform the audience of how painful it is to look "pretty." It shows a surgeon cutting up a regular girl and doing things to make her "beautiful." The video uses the girl to symbolize what a woman would do to themselves to fit in with society or in other words to symbolize what society has come to.
The only context of this video is in the beginning where it says "Atlas Elementaire D'anatomie" which is French. It is vague from where the origin of the video is from, but there IS "visual" context. The video shows how horrid it is to get surgery to look "perfect." The video uses hyperbole to humorously exaggerate the extent woman do to themselves to be "beautiful". The man "strips" the woman's natural beauty and emphasizes the amount of plastic surgery that a woman would do to herself.
The audience of the video is towards women who feel unhappy about their bodies. The effect on the audience has to do with the mood of the video. The mood affects the audience by making them realize how much they (the girls) put themselves through just to try to fit in society. It gives the girls a slap of reality of how insecure they feel about themselves and reminds them that they shouldn't have to do all that just to obtain a certain "status". Eventually in the end, you realize its not you, but only a construction of you built by society.
Since they were both very similar to each other, both texts show how much beauty hurts and that women should accept themselves because really they are beautiful and shouldn't compare themselves to a constructed person rather than a real women.
Some of the differences are:
Beyonces song is more direct and if you watch the music video you can see everything she is focusing on in the video. Basically its easy to tell what she is talking about.
The plastic surgery ad at first glance, seems funny and a bit disturbing until you take the time to really think about it and realize it has a meaning to it.
Both of these videos acknowledge a problem that many young or older teenage girls face everyday.

Suicide is one of the most leading causes of death for college-age youth and ages 12-18.
We have society to blame for!!!!!
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