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Edmodo - A Learning Management System


renu mann

on 12 May 2016

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Transcript of Edmodo - A Learning Management System

Why Use Edmodo?
Please go to hwd.edmodo.com
and create your account.

Let's Get Started
About Edmodo
Founded in 2008, presently Edmodo community includes more than 19 000 000 students and teachers, and more are joining in every day.
Let us watch a short video to know why Nick Borg and Jeff O'Hara designed this learning management system.
Edmodo at a Glance
Safety First
A Learning Management System
• a closed environment

• no private information or email id required by the students to join

• teachers have complete control

• students join classes (groups) by their teacher’s invitation only

• all communication is archived
Edmodo can be used by teachers as ...
Instructional Tool
Collaboration Tool
• send alerts and messages to individuals, groups, and whole class

• connect with teachers form your own school or others

• connect with parents

• join communities of you interest

• follow channels, publishers by joining their community
• to upload learning materials

• to create assignments, quizzes and polls

• annotate and mark assignments online and make your classroom paper free
Students use Edmodo for...
• assessing learning materials

• keeping track with the calendar

• uploading their assignments

• assessing their marks and marked assignments

• communicating with their teacher and groups

• collaborating with peers as a whole class or small groups

• saving their links, videos, and assignments in their backpack (cloud)

• taking online quizzes

• not worrying about losing their work or quizzes

• staying in touch when they are away
Assessment with Edmodo
- polls

- quizes

- paperless assignments

- automatic markslists

- rewards (badges)

Let us experience these tools!
Teacher and Students Require
- a computer and an internet connection

- working knowledge of computer and internet

- using a keyboard and a mouse

- to know how to upload and download files

- ability to explore

- enthusiasm to make learning fun
Account Setting &Profile
Joining and Creating Groups
Go to Home

click on "Join" and then enter the code "rkxurk" to join the group Edmodo Workshop

Select the group "Edmodo Workshop" and then
post a message on the group wall
reply to two of your colleagues' messages
upload a file from the computer to a message posting

"Create" a group and post the code on the Edmodo Workshop page
join groups that your colleagues created; use codes posted
Go to "Me" and select "Settings"

- Account
- Email and Text Updates
- Password
- Privacy
Go to "Profile"

- Profile Overview
- Connections
- Communities
- Improving Profile
- Badges (accessing and creating)
Browsing Communities
To collaborate with millions of teachers on Edmodo, go HOME.

- scroll down to "Browse" communities

- pick any commuinity and "Follow" it to receive updated information in future
A poll can be used as an exit card formative assessment tool tool. As their are no names displayed, students are honest with their feelings.
Go to Edmodo Workshop group page
and participate in the poll.
go to the group you created
design a poll
"Send" it
go to 5 other groups that your colleagues created
participate in their poll
check result of the polls on Edmodo Workshop group, and the poll you designed.
Now, check members in your group; go to members on horizontal bar.
Creating a Quiz
Mark Lists and Awarding Badges
Features and Applications
- calendar for due dates
- paid and free application
Go to the group you created
Post a simple assignment; create the assignment on word and upload it
edit your assignment
Go to three of your colleagues groups, and turn the assignment in
Go back to the group you created and mark the assignments using annotation tools; award marks
Go to the group you created
create and post a simple quiz with not more than 5 multiple choice questions
make sure to award marks
set time
schedule it for now and assign it
go to your colleagues groups and take their quizzes
you will get instant result
Go to your group
access mark list
access badges
award badges
Advantages and Disadvantages
user friendly for teacher and students
engages students
easy to differentiate
excellent collaboration tool for teachers and students
resources on your fingertips
provides flexibility of pace for the learner
assignments are never lost
environmentally friendly; paperless
parent can access reports and due dates
communicating with colleagues, students and parents
accessibility of hardware at school and at home
constant accessibility of internet
internet and computer problems and home that you can't understand clearly or help fix them
every student is not computer savvy
limited help or guidance at home for solving technical issues for some students
Now go to Library.
scroll down to the bottom of the page
click on Help
you are at the help center now
Here you will find all the help you need
Save page to your library for future reference
Assessing Success of Edmodo
Like every other new strategy we use in class, we must get feedback from our students about Edmodo. For this, you can create a poll for your students after two weeks of using Edmodo. You can also ask them to write a little reflection on using Edmodo in classroom.
Now please go back to http://hwdict.weebly.com/ website and participate in a quick survey to provide us feedback about this workshop. Please look for "Your Feedback" under Edmodo Training page.
I used Cristina Delgado-Ruiz's
Edmodo Training Prezi as a guideline.
What is Blended Learning?
Join the School Site
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