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Tennessee State

For those who are getting information from this prezi it have the flag description, state bird,flower,nickname,motto,electeral votes,size, and capital.Please take a look at the Prezi I also added a video of the state bird calling it's mate.-SUBSCRIBE

Roberto Rivera

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of Tennessee State

History, Per 1
By Roberto R.
State Flag:
The three stars represent the diffrent land forms.
high land
low land
(Mississippi River)
On the flag these regions are always together in an unbroken circle.

The blue strips relives the sameness of the crimson field and prevent the flag from showing to much CRIMSON when the flag is limp or down.
crimson: Deep Red
Tennessee's state bird is the [Tennessee Mockingbird]. Tennessee choose this bird officially in 1993 by an election conducted by the Ornithological Society.
More about this bird
: This bird can sing up to
200 songs inlcuding their own made up songs.
State Flower:
The Tennessee state flower is the Iris. Tennese found the Irish flower in 1933, their are many other colors but best accepted is the color
More about this flower
: This plant can live in dry climates, they are long flowers they have 3-10 basal swords. Irish comes from Greek word and it means rainbow. Like the flower can come in many colors the word rainbow can be a related word to this flower.
Basal Sword
:Are the bulb like plant which can be called the fruit of the plant.
State Nickname:
Tennesees nickname is "The volunteer State.
State eleteral votes:
I have 1,460,238 votes
that is 59%
i have 959,439 votes
which is a total percent of 39%
State Size
Tennessee is 442,143 acres long and wide
Tennesee State Capital:
Tennessee's state capital is Nashville. Nashville was found in 1779 by a group of mens. In 1843 it became the official capital of tennesee.
State Motto
Tennessee's state Motto is Agriculture and Commerce
Agriculture: Beans, cotton, tobbaco, dairy products, etc.
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Source: HGUH(UHP(RHPGHGhgiuthgriutghrlsdriuhrguhrgruotihsrltiurhrliutghsrtguhrtgrughriughgiurtgrrhtrgt5rg5t2t2h6rt5hrtgerguyeguyeguyergeuyrgfryfgergyeryyergegtgt5gtg6tg9tg59g56g65656g5er6g5e5e65987er8gerguyfgruyegrgrfiegregrg
State Flag
Mocking bird calling
it's mate:)

found by Robert



My state was:

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