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chris faisons designelements

No description

chris faison

on 12 May 2011

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Transcript of chris faisons designelements

Elements Of Design Principles of design Line Shape Direction Size Texture colour Balance Gradation a line can be defined in two wayes . the linear marks made with a righting insturment is created when two shapes meet together A self contained area of geometric or organic form. it can be both a negative or a positive shape. a direction can be horizontal, vertical or oblique , the horizontal line demestrates calmness. vertical demestrates formality and alertness. the bond of the area occupied be one shape to another of simaular shape. the surface quality of a shape, mostly caracteristics. basically blue, red, green, yellow, purple exc........ balance is the concept of visual equilibrium, and relates to physical sense. the principle that banishes boredom for your paintings. it adds movement to boring places. Repetition applies to the incremental change in the state of a design element. contrast contrast is the juxtaposition of opposing elements. contrast can be used in tone, value and others. Harmony harmony is the visual satisfaction effect of different elements. Dominance Dominance in a painting is very important ish the dominance is based on the color and also the vectors exc........
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