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RSS and Google Reader for TCEA 2011

No description

Mark Dunk

on 17 February 2011

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Transcript of RSS and Google Reader for TCEA 2011

To aggregate, or not to aggregate
that is the question.
Using Google Reader to
Aggregate Your Information
Mark Dunk
Pearland TX USA
What is an aggregator?
In general, an aggregator is simply a person or website that collects information from a variety of sources.
Early aggregators were done manually, but many are now automated.
Many Internet websites utilize RSS to provide streamlined aggregation.
So, what is RSS?
RSS stands for
"Really Simple Syndication"
RSS allows websites to
distribute new content
automatically as it is
generated by the owner
of the website.
A simple way to think of
RSS is as a file that
contains a website's most
recent documents and
More on RSS
So, instead of having to
maintain a list of
bookmarks to your favorite
websites and blogs . . .
you can set up an RSS
feed in an aggregator
and your information
comes to you in one
convenient location.
Does my favorite website
or blog support RSS?
It's easy to answer
that question . . .
Just look for this symbol . . .
Usually, all you have to do is
click on the RSS icon
(or on a link near the icon)
to start up the simple process
of subscribing to that site's
RSS feed
Subscribing to an
RSS Feed
After clicking on the
RSS icon or appropriate
link . . .
many websites automatically ask
you for your preferred RSS feed.
This is called feed autodiscovery
and it is the easiest way to
subscribe to a feed.
Some sites don't use the icon,
so you might have to search
around a bit for a link.
Some websites have a specific
page that lists all the possible
RSS feeds supported and available
for subscription.
OK, we're almost ready ! ! !
To get to Google Reader,
you need a Google Account.
If you do not have a Google
Account, I'll pause for a
few minutes and help you
get one set up.
It's quick and easy . . .
It's not necessary to
create a new gmail email
account if you don't want to.
Any email address can be used
as your Google account
user name.
Other bells and whistles
Other options are available
and pretty easy to learn
as you go
add a star
share with note
keep unread
add tags
OK, let's take a tour
of Mr. Dunk's
Google Reader.

Let's take a quick look at my
Google Reader account so you can
get an idea of how easy this
makes your information-gathering
WARNING: periodic housekeeping
of your Google Reader account will
prevent information overload!
OK, now it's your turn ! ! !
Well, what are you waiting for???
My contact information:
Mark Dunk
twitter: @unklar
skype: mr-dunk
email: mr-dunk@sbcglobal.net

Start browsing around
and look for the RSS
Try these websites:
Go out and try your favorite websites.
You may be surprised at how many
websites support RSS.
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