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The Cold War Arms Race

No description

Holden McKnight

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of The Cold War Arms Race

Who Were the Two Superpowers in the Cold War? The US and Soviet Russia(USSR) were the two superpowers in the Cold War. Explain The Growth Of Atomic Weapons Between the Two Superpowers. Who were the Historical Personalities and what were their roles in the cold war? List the achievements of the superpowers involved in the Arms Race. 1952-H-Bomb was invented by the US
1953-The USSR gets its first H-Bomb
1960s- The US invents the B-52 to drop masses of bombs over the USSR
1957-The Sputnik was launched by the USSR
1960s- The USSR just completely blows all of their money on missiles ( they later take a "break" from the war to aid their economy which was failing because of their budget on missiles and bombs). What Were the Outcomes
of the Arms Race Between
the two Super powers? The Berlin Wall fell, all the bombs were defused/decomissioned after the USSR fell and we were at "peace" with them. The Arms Race JFK- JFK made the New Frontier project which boosted our national defense, economy, and Space Program (Gemini).
Joseph Stalin- Was the man who rose up Russia to become the USSR.
Harry S. Truman- Harry helped to form NATO, the UN, and the World Bank after WW2.
(These are only a few but I can list them all.) The Hydrogen bomb (H-Bomb)was invented in 1952 by the USA. This bomb was a breakthrough in nuclear advancements. It was 2500 times stronger and 2 times smaller than the bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima (Atomic Bomb). List the Positions of the Two Sides of the Conflict To sum it all up, they wanted to be the best and most powerful. So... That's it? We still had a little rivalry after the cold war Germany reunited, and the USSR let go of its icy grip on the other countries. New Weaponry Invented because of the Cold War -The B-52 The H-Bomb Thank You For Listening! Special Effects/Pictures- Bryson

NoteTaking/Advisory- Ngaour

PreziMaker/Essential Questions- Holden Mcknight
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