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Digital Humanities

No description


on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of Digital Humanities

Social Media Research
The Internet = information
consumer behavior
information flow
Research about digital media
Research with digital media tools
Research about digital media with digital media tools
Regardless of what you do, you need:

clear research questions
clear methodology
Search and filter
Exploratory research
Archive/ History
Public data
Adi, A. (2010) The Twitter Olympics? http://bit.ly/1iTMsPE
Miah, A. & Adi, A. (2009) Liverpool08 – Centre of the Online Universe, Impacts08
screen capture
Data collection
create & collect
Tags V5

Adi, A. & Moloney, K. (2012) The importance of scale in Occupy movement protests: a case study of a local Occupy protest as a tool of communication through Public Relations and Social Media. Revista Internacional de Relaciones Publicas 4(II): 97-12. http://dx.doi.org/10.5783/RIRP-4-2012-05-97-122

Adi, A., Erickson, K. and Lilleker, D. (2014 – upcoming) Elite Tweets: Analysing the Twitter Communication Patterns of Labour Party Peers in the House of Lords. Policy and Internet.

Adi, A. & Hobby, N. (2014) Social Media in Higher Education. 1st Corporate and Marketing Communications in Asia Conference. Bangkok, Thailand. Conference Proceedings (p. 16-33).
Also check:
Social media platforms currently have their own analytics platforms as well as provide general data about volume, usage and engagement. There are also many paid for platforms that provide free trials (10 up to 30 days for free).

Facebook Insights, YouTube Analytics, Twitter Analytics, Hootsuite, MeltWater Buzz are the platforms and tools you should keep an eye on.
social/semantic networks/ sphere of influence
Data analysis and visualization
data (re)imagined
Wordle, Automap, ORA, Gephi
Adi, A., Erickson, K. & Lilleker, D. (April, 2013) Elite Tweets: Analysing the Twitter communication patterns of Labour Party Peers in the House of Lords. Twitter and Microblogging: Political, Professional and Personal Practices. Lancaster, UK..
Available from http://www.slideshare.net/DrLilleker/elite-tweets
@ana_adi | www.anaadi.net
Social Media Collective
Culture Digitally
The Next Web
JISC Digital Media
(Re)sources of inspiration
click by click
automated data capturing and visualization (Foller.me and Social Mention)
Pfizer, Social Media and Europe
Social Media is more of a mouthpiece
than an engagement/feedback/dialogue environment
Facebook - Corporate Communications (mission/vision defining; policy; rules)
Twitter - mix CSR/Corporate Communications/ HR
YouTube - CSR/Corporate Communications support
social media audit incorporating Breakenridge (2012) and NPower Northwest, 2010) elements:
Planned but not optimized
There is no social media communication mix as most of Pfizer's European offices prefer to manage one social media account.
The favorites are Twitter and YouTube.
Occupy PR
an analysis of the online communication footprints of Occupy Wall Street and Occupy London

Sample: websites and twitter accounts
Criteria of analysis: mobilisation features and target audiences (Somerfeldt, 2011), aims of the account/website and communication patterns (Adi and Moloney, 2012)
Exploratory method combining automated online data with observation
Data collection using
Alexa.com, Ahrefs.com, Klout
Tech-savvy but preaching to the converted
activist and protests groups are concerned with playing the "media game"
activist and protest groups share similar challenges with corporations when it comes to building and maintaining online profiles (and reputations)
activist and protest groups "borrow" (or share) communication practices with corporations (they perform better online but display similar challenges)
balancing between building a movement and maintaining attention is difficult when resources are scarce
There is a need for research to move beyond the single method approach and to take advance of the "big data" and the tools enabling its capture
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