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Medieval India: Devotional Lyrics

Poems of the Virasaiva Saints

Robert Ballentine

on 28 October 2009

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Transcript of Medieval India: Devotional Lyrics

Medieval India:Devotional Lyrics Dancing Siva Bhakti, the religion
of personal devotion
to God vernacular literature
emotion at the core defiance of social norms spiritual dimension
of erotic love women are thought to have the
ability to love more deeply and
more unselfishly than men and
risk all for love... celebration of the
oppressed Krishna and Radha
(ideal love between a god
and a human) You can confiscate
money in hand;
can you confiscate
the body's glory?

One peel away every strip
you wear,
but can you peel
the Nothing, the Nakedness
that covers and veils?

To the shameless girl
wearing the White Jasmine Lord's
light of morning,
you fool,
where's the need to cover and jewel? The myth of forbidden love: adulterous love with a god.
The idea--of the sensuous relationship as a way to God. Vidyapati says, they are one another. Festival of color I'm colored withh the color of dusk, oh rana,
colored with the color of my lord.
Drumming out the rhythm on the drums, I danced,
dancing in the presence of the saints,
colored with the color of my Lord.
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