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Child Rights

No description

Lava Hayas

on 16 February 2016

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Transcript of Child Rights

What is the Convention on the Rights of a Child?
The Convention on the Rights of the Child is a human rights organization which sets out the civil, political, economic, social, health and cultural rights of children. The United Nations and UNICEF have adopted The Convention on the Rights of a Child on November 1989.
What Are Child Rights?
How does Canada Help?
Canada believes that every child should have the right to be a child. Also, Canada has already joined The Convention on The Rights of a Child which means that every child in Canada has rights and the right to be a child. Canada agreed to join the convention on December 1991 which is only 2 years after the convention was adopted. Canada helps other countries as well like the countries in the South. For example, South Sudan had many child rights conflicts, but Canadians have proved them wrong! We can admit it, Canada is the most safest, fairest and best country of them all.

What Are Child Rights
Interesting Facts and More!
You have probably learned a lot already about Child Rights, but do you want to learn more? Well here are some fun facts:
What is The Convention on the Rights of A Child?
Interesting Facts and More
How Does Canada Help?
How is this an economic, social and political issue?
Every child on the earth has the right to be a child. But is that actually how it works? Sadly, the answer is no. We are setting a goal for every child on earth to have these rights:
I hope after listening to this presentation you can help us to make sure that every single child on this earth can have the right to be a child.
How is This a Political, Economical and Social issue?
Parental Guidance
Rights to Privacy
Health Care and Health Services
Right to Education
Protection From Any Form of Violence
Survival And Development
140 million children below the age of 15 suffer from abuse and neglect.
Approximately 27 million people are currently enslaved in the human trafficking trade around the world
150 million children aged 5–14 are engaged in child labour
Millions of children, mostly girls, work as maids in private homes
There are 54 rights every child should have.
Over 250 million children don't have the right to be a child which is a big problem. This is a political issue because this is allowed, maybe not in Canada but definitely in Iran.
It's also a Economical issue because the children who don't have rights, are most likely to live in a poor country. So, there is probably a fee for many things, like shelter, food, education, clothes and many more.
Finally, it's also a social issue because getting sent to work at a young age, not having a good healthy life, not having family. These points have made this issue also a social issue.

I Have The Right To Be A Child
Here is a book called "I Have The Right To be A Child" In this book. a young child will cover the rights every child should have. I will read my favorite pages right now.
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