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Library Signage

No description

gail santy

on 10 November 2011

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Transcript of Library Signage

Library Signage:
What message are
we sending our
patrons? Bad message, bad sign No! No! No! Outlaw tape Emotionally Intelligent Signs Good message, not so good sign Condition Can't this library afford a good copy of this motivational message? Gail Santy
Central Kansas Library System 2010, updated 2011 Is that gum? Old tape, shabby condition, poor wording Retail Temporary Signs Wayfinding Sometimes even retailers don't get it right Emotionally intelligent signs appeal without preaching. Shabby signs send a message that we don't care about our library. Photo Credits Packing tape Masking tape Tape residue Presentation, condition, message Wayfinding signs at this library
are clear and consistent. Wayfinding clues for non-readers More than one brand for a library sends a conflicting message. Last year’s laminated sign updated with this year’s taped on directional message. Fabric, fabric everywhere
and not a sign in sight Sign overkill Replace shabby shelf labels READ THIS! But understand the display
is more important than our patrons DIY signs can look as good as professional signs. You can do this with MS Word, a color printer, foam core board, rubber cement, and card stock. Even temporary signs should have continuity, consistency, and visual appeal. Be sure to remove a temporary sign as soon as it expires. Merely adequate signage identifies the resources in your library and tells people what they can and can't do. Great signage communicates your competence, understanding and care for the people using your library.
~Chris Rippel No Frisbees?

No rearranging walls and shelving?

Noise levels above 100 db discouraged?
Do the noise police have a device to measure the decibel level at this library? Is this a prison library? A good message deserves more than a sheet protector and a thumbtack Clear message, professional sign holder, no brand. The human eye pays more attention to the colors than the logo of a brand. A professionally made sign, but not ADA compliant. Americans With Disabilities Act Emotionally intelligent message, professional sign holder, clear graphic helps display the message. Great job on this home made sign! Some signs attempt to change our behavior. And they benefit from demonstrating empathy (Relax. The train comes every 2 minutes) or appealing to our empathy (Keep noise to a minimum. Readers at work). Our emotions contribute to ordering our priorities as we decide what actions to take. A sign may be more effective if you can conjure a image which gives me an emotional reason to reorder my priorities and keep the library quiet. Make: Use the resources on the handouts, email gsanty@ckls.org to request ready-made templates, and give your library signage a makeover. Investigate: How are the signs in your library? Plan: What are your signage needs? http://www.flickr.com/photos/jambina/3823819153/in/pool-librarysignage



















http://www.flickr.com/photos/jenwaller/3557833873/in/pool-librarysignage No! These are not emotionally intelligent signs. Tropical Rainforest Prezi template created by Created by Liz Alexandra DIYSignage letter visibility, color, placement Torn corners
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